Founded in 1990 and owned by Eutemar Antonio Venturim and Jose Carlos Machado, Bramagran Brasileiro Mármore e Granito of Castelo, ES, Brazil, had a busy year in 2011. The company invested $5 million in technology, environmental issues, logistics, marketing and the factory growth — enabling the company to increase overall production and efficiency.

Bramagran began its operations in the natural stone industry in order to supply the domestic market in Brazil. As the years went by, more investments were made. the company brought in state-of-the art technology, and allowed for the necessary growth to get into the export business.

Along with the new machines, Bramagran also invested in its own quarries — always paying attention to the environmental issues and making the effort to become a green company. Today, Bramagran reports that it has grown to become one of the largest Brazilian granite exporters in Brazil.

Company-owned quarries include AJ Brown, Aquarius Blue, Blue Night, Esmeralda, Golden Lapidus, Mystery, Negresco, Orion, Platinum, Pictor, Rigel, Royal Brown and Summer.

Machinery in the plant includes 16 gangsaws, three 20-head polishing machines and quarry equipment spread out throughout Brazil. The company’s latest investment is a Pedrini Jupiter GS200-W64 diamond multi-wire saw. This machine is used for processing blocks into slabs at a rate much faster than traditional gangsawing, and it can be equipped with 64 wires. It allows the company to cut blocks with different hardness and dimensions, and it can also cut slabs of different thicknesses within a single block.

Selling blocks and slabs, Bramagran’s main markets are Brazil, the U.S., Europe and Asia.