The Pro-Cart AT1 (All-Terrain Installation Cart) by Omni Cubed, Inc. provides a solution to the challenges associated with large and cumbersome countertop installation carts. Pneumatic casters dampen vibrations and enable travel across rough terrain such as gravel or lawns. Important for climbing stairs, the cart stays attached to the countertop when lifted, and the 8-inch casters allow resting on stair treads.

The cart’s high ground clearance allows “popping of wheelies” over larger curbs, and in many cases, one person can operate the cart by themselves. Tops are secured by clamps located on each side of the cutout to reduce breakage in the middle. The wheelbase is wide enough to make the cart very stable, but still fits on truck ramps and enables maneuvering through very tight spaces. The cart is constructed from aluminum tubing, so it is strong and lightweight at less than 50 pounds.