Pro-Cart AT1 by Omni Cubed, Inc.

The Pro-Cart AT1 by Omni Cubed, Inc. provides a solution to the challenges associated with large and cumbersome countertop installation carts. Accommodating even thicker countertops, the cart’s clamps now open to 69 mm. The cart remains lightweight at less than 50 pounds, and folds down to less than 10 inches wide with use of the accessory folding kit. Important for climbing stairs, the cart stays attached to the countertop when lifted, and the 8-inch casters allow resting on stair treads.  Pneumatic casters dampen vibrations and enable travel across rough terrain such as gravel or lawns.  The wheelbase makes the cart very stable, even with large tops, and the cart’s high ground-clearance allows “popping of wheelies” over larger curbs.