Since its foundation in 1995, TAB India has been one of the country’s most dynamic stone producers, as it has continually invested in its stoneworking facilities as well as its quarrying operations. Among its latest developments, TAB India has started production of brand new colors to the world market in 2011.

 Golden Fantasy

Located near Madurai in the South Indian province of Tamil Nadu, the Golden Fantasy quarry produces material with a unique gold color, which is among TAB India’s exotic range.

According to the company, the material’s reputation was achieved after several years of persistence. It was introduced by TAB in 2003 and became a “blockbuster” success. However, at the time, the quarry was owned by another company, which eventually closed the site.

Ultimately, TAB purchased the site, but faced practical obstacles in re-starting quarrying operations. After close to five years of intensive work, production at the quarry resumed at the end of 2008.

TAB India’s work at the Golden Fantasy quarry has proven to be fruitful, as the quarry has vast deposits of a gold/yellow variety on the site’s top five layers, with a beige/ivory color below that.

Equipment used in the Golden Fantasy quarry includes three Hitachi 370 Z axis units, four Taurus tippers, jackhammers, wiresaws and other transportation machinery. Monthly extraction currently stands at 500 cubic meters per month, although that quantity could be increased if desired.

While quarry reserve for the Golden material is limited, supply of the beige material is considered to be “endless,” and TAB plans to operate the quarry for several years. 

At present, TAB India is quarrying large gangsaw blocks measuring
3.5 x 2 x 2 meters in size.

Marketing of the material is through TAB India, which has its U.S. headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, and its exclusive distributors.


Characterized by a brown/golden color, Rosette from TAB India is extracted from one of the largest deposits among all the quarries that TAB owns. Located near Vellore, it is considered to be a very unique color, and the only deposit of its type so far.

The quarry itself is located above ground in the form of a hill, which makes the quarrying relatively easier at the present time. This deposit of material is estimated to last up to 25 years.

Equipment in the site includes four Hitachi 370 Z Axis units and two Taurus tippers as well as wire saws, jackhammers and other machinery. Given the relatively production-friendly site conditions, TAB India maintains steady production of 1,000 cubic meters per month, which can be increased on demand.

TAB India’s strategy for the Rosette site is to quarry gangsaw-sized blocks, mini-gangsaw-sized blocks and tile blocks. Finished products will include slabs, tiles, pavers, cobblestones and cut-to-size architectural work — essentially the whole gamut of stone production.