WHEELING, IL — In the fall of 2010, Terrazzo & Marble Supply (T&M) announced the release of the exclusive Precioustone Collection supplied by Antolini Luigi. The Collection includes 18 impressive colors exclusive to T&M in the Great Lakes Region.  Gemstones that have historically been used for jewelry have now become the focal point of masterpieces that can be used in architectural designs for countertops, desks, tub surrounds and any other elegant space.

This rare collection previously created a buzz throughout the industry as the Semi-Precious Collection. After years of research and improved technology — culminating in the creation of a meticulous production process — the new Precioustone Collection now has better quality, more color options and significant savings. The years of experience Antolini has in the stone industry — coupled with Antolini’s flair for creativity — results in a great product with a contemporary feel.

To visit these works of art, visit one of T&M’s showrooms in Wheeling, IL; Chicago, IL; Farmington Hills, MI or Golden Valley, MN.