Metal bond flexible diamond grinding discs/pads from Applied Diamond Tools are used for heavy to medium grinding of granite, concrete and other types of stones.


Applied Diamond Tools

Metal bond flexible diamond grinding discs/pads by Applied Diamond Tools


They also have many features that other diamond polishing pads or diamond cup wheels do not have. They are more aggressive and longer lasting than regular resin bond or resin-metal bond diamond polishing pads, since they are pure metal bonded diamond pads, reports Applied Diamond Tools. Compared to diamond cup wheels, they are as aggressive and as longer lasting, but are flexible. This feature allows these metal bond diamond grinding discs to get into curved areas for grinding purposes.

30 grit, 50 grit, 100 grit and 200 grit are available — along with a color-coded Velcro- back 4 inches in diameter. They can be used wet or dry, however wet use is recommended.