Braxton-Bragg now offers an animated video of the I-Brace, a new invention by InnoTops. It is a simple device for strengthening cantilevered stone countertops and isinstalled into the base cabinet while replacing costly and bulky corbels, reports the manufacturer.
Braxton-Bragg  I-Brace

The I-Brace available through Braxton-Bragg 

“Watching a live video of a fabricator installing the I-Brace just would not be the same,” said Art Director Larry Hood. “The lighting would be difficult, and often hands and tools block the action. You often end up with ambiguous footage, leaving the viewer confused.” The animated video gets around this by showing the product, necessary equipment and procedure clearly, without the fabricator getting in the way. It demonstrates the supplies needed, and every step in the process of installing the I-Brace.

Rich Hassert, CEO of Braxton-Bragg, has announced that this is only the beginning of many animated instructional videos; these will be created to demonstrate great new products, as well as some old favorites, with clarity and style. “In the near future, several Braxton-Bragg feature products will have animated videos to show how they work, or how they are installed,” said Hassert. “Animated videos are what’s in store for our Web site.”