RUTLAND, VT-- Questech has introduced Q-Seal®, a factory-applied sealant which offers a lifetime of protected, hassle-free beauty, reports the manufacturer. With this protection comes the freedom to incorporate the warmth and beauty of natural stone tiles in moisture-rich environments, such as shower enclosures, tub surrounds or busy kitchen areas. 

Q-Seal is a patented process that makes natural tiles as easy to care for as their ceramic and porcelain counterparts. It permanently and powerfully protects natural stone from water and stains, causing liquids to literally bead up on the surface, ready to be wiped away, reports Questech. Q-Seal is guaranteed for as long as you own your home and never has to be re-applied. It also provides powerful chemical protection with no special stone cleaners needed.  Moreover, Q-Seal has the added benefit of offering built-in antibacterial protection. Ultra-Fresh inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing mold and mildew and does not lose its effectiveness over time.

Unlike ordinary tile that often changes color after the sealing process, Q-Seal allows the true color and tone of the natural stone to shine through before it is installed, according to the manufacturer. Questech offers a beautiful collection of Q-Seal natural stone tiles in many color options. The Q-Seal products are available through leading tile showrooms across the U.S., and Questech is seeking authorized distributors interested in adding their own Q-Seal Sealing System.  To find out more, visit