Each fall, Contemporary Stone & Tile Design includes a focus on mosaic design. Considered to be an ancient art form, mosaics still remain a popular choice for residential as well as commercial applications. And through the years, the craftsmanship and artistic approach to mosaics hasn’t been lost. There are still true artisans working in this sector. One example can be found in Michelle Griffoul Studios, Inc. in Buellton, CA. A designer and tile manufacturer by trade, Griffoul’s studio offers every client custom blends and made-to-order designs that call for true craftsmanship in each mosaic. Some of Griffoul’s recent work can be found in our feature on mosaic design in this issue.

It is refreshing to see the creativity and hands-on approach Griffoul takes in her tile designs. Each mosaic tile is hand made from rock clay, and her designs are very detailed and visually stimulating. And although hand-crafted mosaics are unique and provide originality, mosaics in general can offer a one-of-a-kind look to any design.

Today, there are endless mosaic collections available. There are mosaics made of various stone types, porcelain and glass. They are offered in matte and glossy finishes as well as iridescent for those designs requiring a little sparkle. Also, mosaics are no longer limited to squares. They are being made in numerous shapes such as brick, penny rounds, hexagons and rhomboids.

With the limitless possibilities that mosaics offer, it is no wonder why many designers as well as homeowners are choosing them to spice up their designs. These tiny tiles are being employed as accent walls, backsplashes and even floors throughout private residences, hotels and spas.

In addition to the feature on mosaics, these applications are also illustrated in an article about the use of stone and tile in residential design in this issue of Contemporary Stone & Tile Design. When it comes to their living spaces, homeowners want a place were they can be comfortable and relax, but they also want it to have style and reflect their personality. Many are turning to mosaics to bring a little flair into their kitchens, bathrooms and even outdoor areas.

A sampling of some of the many mosaic product lines on today’s market can be found in our product review. This showcase of new product trends also includes an assortment of other stone, tile and installation products that have been currently introduced. In each issue, we try to present the latest developments to offer inspiration for fresh design ideas.

Later this month, I will be headed to Verona, Italy, to attend Marmomacc - the world’s largest stone exhibition. Held annually, this trade show always is full of innovative new products. I look forward to seeing what stone manufacturers have been working on over the past year and sharing these new product lines with our readers in our next edition.