JACKSON, MS -- The National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), the largest professional tile contractors association in the world, has introduced "Tile-TV" as another creative tool to enhance the experience of its active tile and stone contractor members and other industry professionals with this monthly news and information-sharing vehicle available on line atwww.tileletter.com.

Members of the NTCA and others that choose to join this professional organization can find a fresh episode of Tile-TV each month, featuring breaking news, information and entertainment in a fast-paced six-minute program. Tile-TV is just another way for the NTCA to reach its membership in its continuing effort to improve the materials and methods for the installation of tile and stone with the concentrated goal of further increasing demand for its widespread usage by providing the necessary training for contractors to successfully complete any installation that may arise in the field.

Non-members can contact the NTCA for a copy of the most recent episode as well as to find out more information on advertising, sponsorship and subscription. Starting in January, Tile-TV will also be emailed to 8,000 NTCA email subscribers.

With each new episode of Tile-TV the NTCA will present a monthly survey of its contractor base to create a dialogue between its staff of highly-trained in-house technical experts and tile and stone installers around the country. Every member is encouraged to visit the site and click on Tile-TV to provide input and feedback on this monthly topic. The results are posted on a two-episode lag and designed to keep all members in the know with regards to the latest news, information and other industry updates.

"Tile-TV was created to keep our members in the loop," said Bart Bettiga, executive director of the NTCA. "New technologies, sustainability topics, association news and so much more are covered in each episode. Members can reach out to their employees, other associates and even customers by simply emailing the link to them."

Tile-TV is presented by NTCA, with the support of its highly-valued industry sponsors. The content featured in each episode is researched, produced and distributed by OMG National.