The latest trends in stone production and tile manufacturing can bring the most original statement to any design. Below is just a sampling of some of the recent collections available on today’s market:

A- Diamond Tech Tiles (DTT) brings a touch of the outdoors inside with a new natural stone mosaics and accent line. This natural stone series provides a decorative offering of basketweaves, octagon and dots, hexagons, 5/8-inch mosaics and 5- x 6-inch tiles, chair rails and pencils, lending a rustic elegance to any floor, wall or backsplash ,and allowing for greater design creativity for all who use it, reports DTT.
Circle No. 95


B- CaesarStone, a pioneer in quartz surface manufacturing, is introducing a new, recycled CaesarStone quartz surface. The surfaces, which are just as durable as CaesarStone’s other surfaces, are comprised of recycled CaesarStone materials, reports the company. The new Mini Collection includes two new unique surfaces -- the 7150 Mosaici Carbone and the 7250 Mosaici Marrone. Classical yet contemporary, environmentally inspired and skillfully produced, the two new recycled surfaces complement any décor, according to CaesarStone. CaesarStone is ISO 14001 certified, having voluntarily implemented an eco-management system into its manufacturing process. The collection is comprised of recycled CaesarStone material created in a safe work environment, where energy consumption is monitored and harmful substances are avoided, thus minimizing its impact on the environment, reports the company.
Circle No. 96


C- GranitiFiandre’s Crystal Collection is a group of luxurious porcelain slabs rich in crystal inclusions that accent the material’s distinctive fullness of hue. Patented for technical excellence and product design, Crystal features evenly distributed, light-reflecting crystals over its surface, the  company reports.  Blue Crystal, Purple Crystal, Cinder Crystal and Black Crystal are available in 36- x 18-inch and 18- x 18-inch formats along with 1- x 1-inch mosaics, and a variety of liners, dots and step treads.  Finishes include polished, honed and silk-touch. Crystal is part of GranitiFiandre’s GeoStyle product line.
Circle No. 97


D- The Angelica French Pattern from Arizona Tile is composed of Angelica travertine -- quarried from a bedrock quarry in the Andes Mountains in Peru. The pattern is offered in a brushed finish, with individual pieces of Angelica travertine. Arizona Tile notes that this product requires a “butt-joint” installation and the use of a non-sanded grout. At 15,000 feet above sea level, the Angelica quarry produces very large blocks and has multiple levels. The overall yellow tone of the stone tile will vary depending on what portion of the quarry the block is quarried from. Even though the quarry is high in the Andes Mountains, the company reports that production does not stop during the winter months because the quarry does not experience heavy snowfall like some of the others in the area. This is a sedimentary stone that is formed in hot springs and is composed of calcite calcium carbonate. All travertine stones will have natural cavities or pits visible in the stone that developed when carbon dioxide bubbles become trapped during the formation of the stone. Three days prior to honing, this travertine is filled with a colored cement to fill in these cavities. There can be noticeable variances between pieces, therefore, Arizona Tile recommends that a range of this product be viewed before finalizing a purchase.
Circle No. 98


E-Maestro Mosaics has introduced Stonewood, a new line of stone planks that will not scratch, stain or warp, according to the company. Stocked in 10 colors, all in a mixed length plank format, the stone pieces come in honed, polished and hand-rubbed finishes. Additionally, Maestro Mosaics reports that the line will soon be available in 12- x 24-inch tiles.
Circle No. 99


F-The Pampeano Collection from Carmel Stone is an exclusive Argentine Dolomite line that has multi-color earth tones and a slightly brushed surface.  This product is a rich, warm and luxurious natural stone, but at the same time a very dense and hard material, suitable for both interior and exterior use, the company reports. Carmel Stone stocks this material in a variety of field sizes, mosaics and decorative trims.
Circle No. 100


G- Flower Power by Rebecca Cole for Imagine Tile is a modern organic line of ceramic tiles featuring photo realistic buds and original graphic designs from the renowned trend setter. Flower Power combines Cole’s leading-edge design and Imagine Tile’s cutting-edge technology for exceptional ceramic tiles for indoor or out, reports the company.  Flower Power is available in a variety of sizes and color palettes with the focal flower changing from line to line.
Circle No. 101


H- The new hand-finished terra-cotta tiles of the Contessa Collection showcase the skills of Walker Zanger artisans. The patterns are evocative of Old World splendor, spanning Spain, Italy, China and Morocco. Yet the colors are at home in today’s world, with a graphical punch that can make a bold statement or genuine metallic leaf imparting a luxurious shimmer, the company reports. With colors ranging from bright Mediterranean hues to subtle browns and grays, the tile designs in the Contessa Collection are perfect for a variety of palettes. With all its styles and variations, the Contessa Collection encompasses 34 different choices for the discriminating homeowner, who will find the collection equally at home in a traditional or contemporary interior, gracing walls, backsplashes, wainscots or showers, according to Walker Zanger.Circle No. 102


I- The Etched Terrazzo collection from SOLI Architectural Surfaces offers architects and designers gentle colors and patterns, according to the company. The graceful lines of the two featured designs, Firenze and Calabria appear etched in soft, neutral colors such as pale yellow Luce, dark silver Notte and light grey Grigio.
Circle No. 103


J- StoneImpressions has introduced an exclusive line of environmentally friendly accent, mural and border tiles that express the warm beauty and texture of natural stone, but are made of an advanced composite using natural minerals and recycled materials. The recycled stone tiles are sustainable, natural, cement-based composites that are half the weight and have twice the compressive strength of standard concrete. The tiles can be cut to any size and feature distinctive colors and a texture palette similar to travertine and limestone. And like other signature StoneImpressions products, the tiles are hand printed using an exclusive artist-developed, patented process to create almost unlimited designs on stone. This is a solid surfacing material with no resins or polymers, which provides consistency of color, texture and aggregate throughout, reports StoneImpressions. The StoneImpressions recycled tile products contribute a minimum of two, and up to eight, LEED certification points in the following categories: Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation and Design Process. This product line meets all ASTM requirements, according to the company. 
Circle No. 104


K-Grupo Halcón now offers an anti-slip version of its Forest collection. Available in eight colors: Arce, Gris, Roble, Teka, Caoba, Autumn Maple, Royal Spice and Santa Fe Sevilla, the surface of the collection guarantees maximum safety when it comes to leisure activities and relaxation, reports the company.   The technology used to enhance the degree of friction has the added advantage of not interfering with original aesthetics of the product since the glazing is transparent.  Its smooth surface prevents dirt from gathering and guarantees an easy clean, the manufacturer reports.
Circle No. 105


L- Pokarna Ltd. has introduced several new colors of stone, including Coral Gold, a blend of varying shades of brown, gold and cream, and Golden Dream, with shades of gold and yellow with red accents. Pictured here is Golden Dream.
Circle No. 108


M- Antiche Fornaci D’Agostino’s Kromadesign is the result of research into new ceramic products. Kromadesign represents the evolution of ceramic material through research and development of new textured and design products. It is based on a 16 x 48 cm size available in 11 colors and with 15 low and high relief accents for walls complemented by a 24- x 24-cm size for floors.
Circle No. 107


N- Inspired by the sunrise and the sea, morning’s fresh dew and evening’s soft shimmer, new Glass Blox tile by Crossville brings light and life to a space as only glass can.  From dazzling brights to subtly sensual neutrals, the Glass Blox palette of 44 tempting colors -- designed by one of the industry’s most respected color forecasters, Barbara Schirmeister -- are presented in groupings of three coordinating shades, as well as a selection of fashion-forward blends.  All 44 solid colors are available in 1- x 1-inch mosaics and 2- x 4-inch rectangles, with both sizes mounted on 12- x 12-inch sheets.  A 1/2- x 6-inch liner bar and 4- x 4-inch tiles are also available in all 44 colors. Mesh-mounted 1/2- x 2-inch liners come in seven of the neutral colors on 12- x 12-inch sheets.  The blends are available as 1- x 1-inch mosaics and 1/2- x 2-inch liners, both mounted on 12- x 12-inch sheets. 
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