Tile and stone manufacturers continue to produce new and innovative products for an array of applications. Below is a sampling of some of the latest collections that have been introduced to the market:

A. The Sonja Mosaics Collection by Walker Zanger bridges two worlds of design, incorporating both antique Roman elements and modern-day influences. Individual tiles within the mosaics are made from hand-cut marble and limestone - some are even sourced from ancient Roman quarries. The updated color palette of the Sonja Mosaics Collection tends toward the graphic boldness of modern design, with a color palette of blacks, grays and creams accented by deep reds and yellows. The Sonja Mosaics Collection features 12 different pattern variations and a small brickfield tile in seven different colors.


B. Voguebay Green Onyx Magic mosaic is a mosaic sheet that has no grout spacing between the mosaics and each sheet interlocks with the next sheet to form a seamless transition from piece to piece and sheet to sheet performing “magic” with Green Onyx.


C. Hirsch Glass Corp. recently introduced a distinct new tessera glass shape named Silhouette. The “reverse hourglass” form was designed by Michael Golden, specifically for Hirsch. Golden was seeking a new, organic chip form that utilized Hirsch’s casting process as well as their incredibly rich glass color mixing process.

Hirsch Glass uses an artisan process to blend multiple colors of glass, creating a natural dimensional “swirl” inside every chip. Hirsch Glass is manufacturing Silhouette in 26 colorations. The recycled content of Silhouette ranges from 30 to 100%, depending on the coloration.



D. Hanwha L&C USA, a leader in surface manufacturing, introduces Miraton, a premium tile collection extension of its quartz surface line that will soon be manufactured in North America. A 30-plus color palette of Miraton, along with seven new colors from the company’s top-of-the-line countertop imprints, HanStone and Hanex, will be available through its distributors.

Miraton is dense, non-porous, stain-resistant and requires virtually no maintenance, according to Hanwha, adding that the product is ideal for both commercial and residential applications.


E. Cosentino, a leading manufacturer of quartz surfacing and a large importer of natural stone from around the world, recently launched ECO by Cosentino, a revolutionary new line of countertop and surfacing material composed of 75% recycled material.

The recycled content is then mixed with 25% natural material, including stone scrap from mountains, quarries, manufacturing and fabrication; and is bonded together with a proprietary eco-friendly 22% corn oil resin.

ECO by Cosentino is achieved through state-of-the-art technology and delivers a hard durable surface that has high stain, scratch and scorch performance, the manufacturer reports, adding that it is non-porous and does not require sealers.

Architects and building teams will gain points toward LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for a building project that utilizes ECO by Cosentino surfacing. ECO™ by Cosentino is Greenguard certified for low chemical emissions.


F. Roca Ceramica, a Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer, generated interest at NeoCon this year with one of its latest products, Pret-A-Porter, an innovative and exclusive system for dry laying floor tiles. Characterized by the absence of grout and mortar, the product has a polymer base laminated to the ceramic tile. The base includes a soft joint that seals every tile without the need for grouting, and a rubber membrane attached to the base that provides anti-skid benefits.

Each piece is 100% reusable, meeting ISO 14021 requirements. The Pret-A-Porter Collection offers diverse design choices, as the 17- x 17-inch format is available in basic white, Crema Marfil, three colors of cement (anthracite, sand and ocre) and three colors of stone (sand, beige and brown).


G. Inalco, a Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer, recently introduced its 80.4 series that features geometric squares in varying levels of relief - creating a three-dimensional treat for the eye. This large-format series is available in white, cement, gray and black in 31- x 31-inch format.


H. The Skylights glass line from Arizona Tile is made from 8-mm, high-quality, heavy-duty construction grade glass, which is usually used for commercial windows in high-rise office buildings and hotels. In this installation (pictured), the Moss 3- x 6-inch stag joint was paired with the 1- x 1-inch Beige/Green Mélange.


I. Hakatai, an importer and distributor of glass mosaic tile since 1997, has launched the Horizon Series of mixed-medium mosaic blends, offering mesh-mounted sheets of mosaic tiles with glass, metal and natural stone. The unique random blends offer the versatility and unlimited color options of mosaic glass tile, combined with the diversity of texture presented by polished stone, stainless steel or copper mosaics.


J. Ilva S.A., one of Argentina’s leading manufacturers and exporters of ceramic tile, has launched the Athena Stone collection - a fully-rectified glazed porcelain tile range that recreates the refined, elegant aesthetics of natural stone for residential and commercial settings.

Athena Stone is offered in five sizes - 20 x 20, 10 x 20, 10 x 10, 14 x 14 and 7 x 7 inches, complete with 3- x 3-inch mesh-backed mosaics and special accessory pieces. The large-format, 20- x 20-inch option is equipped with Athena Extra, offering a higher coefficient of friction (slip resistance) for commercial applications.


K. Carmel Stone’s Forte De Marmi white marble (pictured), which is imported from Carrara, Italy, is available in slabs, tile mosaics and moldings, and is now in stock and ready for immediate delivery.


L. Bestview International has introduced the Mother of Pearl mosaic line, which includes white, black, yellow and gold colors and their combinations. It comes in two formats - marble mosaic with mesh background and a solid laminated piece without any joints. The standard sizes are from 2 x 2 to 12 x 12 inches, and customized sizes are also available. The popular applications include inserts, décor piece, mirror surrounds, borders and decorated wall tiles. According to Bestview, Mother of Pearl has always been rare and popular in jewelry - its subtle, but colorful, iridescent glow makes it the most exotic material in any luxury decorations.


M. Pimar Gold Italian limestone (pictured) from Pimar Srl is a beautiful Italian limestone supplied through the company’s own quarries. Other colors include Beige, Grey, White and Coral Stone with different finishes, dimensions, customized service and, if requested, original architectural design made to customer specifications.


N. The Ghana collection by Grespania, a Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer, is characterized by design reminiscent of an elephant’s wrinkled skin. Tiles are offered in shades of natural grays, blacks and browns as well as 18- x 18- and 24- x 24-inch formats.


O. Le Murrine Gold by Settecento was designed to bring fun and spontaneity to young glamorous environments. The mosaic-like layout of the tiles renders an image of wealth and luxury. The bright modern colors and the way these interact with the more classic, darker shades evoke a certain artistic and innovative quality, according to the manufacturer. The collection is available in five colors, including: Amber, Gold, Blue, Amethyst and Agata, and three sizes: 12 x 12, 2 x 12 and 20 x 20 inches.


P. Palace Stone, a porcelain stoneware collection by Versace Home, is adaptable to all kinds of design styles. And while it is porcelain, all its variations equally reproduce the look of elegance and stability generally associated with stone, according to the manufacturer. For those in search of a more refined look, the collection presents itself in a series of polished tiles that play on the contrast of black and white. For those who wish to achieve a more ethnic, earthy look, the line offers a series of rough-hewn tiles in Beige, Gold and Almond. A series of borders, mosaics and medallions that recall all ancient, rural and sophisticated settings is also available. Available sizes include: 16 x 16 and 8 x 16 inches for field tiles. Trim pieces and decorative accents vary in size.


Q. Hall, a porcelain stoneware collection from Imola, uses light and its reflexive properties to add another dimension to its tiles. The surface of the tiles are polished with an undulating texture rendering a spectrum-like effect that transforms any space into a lively, colorful environment, reports the manufacturer. The collection is available in 12- x 12- and 12- x 24-inch formats as well as shades of white, beige, yellow, orange, red, blue, dark blue, black and brown.


R. Joe by Tagina Ceramiche d’arte is a soft and welcoming collection that features concave and convex shapes. The double-fired white body finely glazed tiles are adorned by a “blur” finish. Colors include: JoeBlack, JoeWhite JoePink, JoeSky, JoeRed, JoeBronze, JoeGreen and JoeOlive.