SYLMAR, CA -- Walker Zanger, one of the world's most comprehensive stone and tile companies, invites consumers to connect online through the company's new social media networks. Now engaging socially and maintaining a presence through Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp and YouTube, Walker Zanger aims to enhance its clients' online experience further with company information, project insights and inspirational ideas.

Following the success of the newly redesigned Walker Zanger Interactive Online Product Catalog, the company began engaging in conversations about design, home renovation trends and product inspirations. Walker Zanger is using social media communities as a way to directly connect with clients and join the larger conversation about tile and stone. Whether it's an interior designer, architect or homeowner looking for inspiration and information, Walker Zanger is personalizing its brand to further connect with its clients.

"It is important for Walker Zanger to own and represent its own brand online," said Tristan McManaman, Marketing Director for Walker Zanger. "We have established these social media tools with the intent to provide information about Walker Zanger, but most importantly, to engage directly with and collect feedback from clients. We are eager to connect with them and share design inspirations."

Walker Zanger can be found online at the following social media Web sites:

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