The variety of decorative tiles being produced continues to provide architects and designers with unlimited design options. The following is a collection of some of the newest product lines in today's market:

Walker Zanger's Studio Moderne Collection by Michael Berman

Walker Zanger has recently introduced the Studio Moderne Collection by Michael Berman, which is available in 30 unique designs. According to the company, the product is the "intersection of wall covering and fine art. It is the realization of a unique synergy between a designer's vision and a manufacturer's technical artistry." The collection fuses ceramic tile and natural stone into one, all encompassing line, and its unique mixture of textures provides a balanced blend of both a formal and casual design style, reports Walker Zanger. "The Studio Moderne Collection gives designers the tools to create a focal point in the home using the tiles as distinctive pieces of fine art for applications as diverse as a dining room wall, foyer or outdoor patio," stated the company.

GranitiFiandre's Luminar line color addition

GranitiFiandre has recently added two new colors to its Luminar line of decorative tiles -- OptoWhite and OptoBlack. Created with an interactive porcelain material that reflects and generates light, Luminar materials release a continuous stream of tactile and visual experiences on most surfaces. Luminar's visual impact comes from the unique optical effect of its surface design -- a continuous series of concentric circular engravings created in part through a special treatment applied to the porcelain tile, reports the manufacturer. Also available are OptoGold, OptoSilver and OptoBronze, and the material comes in a 24- x 24-inch format.

Rex's Patterns line

In Rex's new Patterns line, decorative motifs are transformed to become an integral part of a residential design project, the company reports. The Patterns Collection features graphic and decorative wall tile that lends distinctive appeal to an interior. The warm color of gold, combined with ivory, mink and black, and a glossy surface sheen create outstanding aesthetic appeal. Additional highlights of the collection include Circles, Leaves and Waves motifs. Pictured here is the Circles motif in a 40.5- x 60.8-cm format.

Marazzi's I Muri di Marazzi series of porcelain tiles

Marazzi's new I Muri di Marazzi series of porcelain tiles creates an optical effect, combining art and functionality. Tiles in this series have the ability to form walls that enclose without separating, that capture light and play with shadows. The material is available in six colors, including Lavagna, Alabastro, Ossidiana, Granato, Sodalite and Smeraldo, and comes in three textures: diamonds, dots and weaves, allowing for unique installations. Pictured is Diamante Alabastro in a 60-x 60-cm format.

New Light collection from Edilcuoghi

The New Light collection from Edilcuoghi stands out for its unique surface finish based on a meticulous study of the latest trends from the most exclusive fashion houses, the company reports. Splendid reflections envelop space to create elegant and delicate color tones, comprising three warm shades, including Avorio, Cappuccino and Perla. The coordination with various accents following precise style and color criteria makes this collection highly exclusive, according to Edilcuoghi. The product is available in a 32- x 48-cm size format.

Home Project series from Magica

The Home Project series from Magica is a collection of three different rectified textures: crocodile, available in six colors, including gold and silver metallic; leather, with light texture in colors such as Bianco, Beige, Rosso and Cuoio; and a texture that resembles a "soft surface" with circular patterns, available in six colors. All of the tiles are available in 61- x 61-cm format, while the tiles in the soft surface texture are also offered in 30 x 61, 15 x 61 and 15 x 61 cm. Pictured is Croco Gold.

Imagine Tile introduces Flower Power series by Rebecca Cole

Imagine Tile, a company among the pioneers in the use of high-resolution imagery in ceramic tile, has recently introduced the Flower Power series by Rebecca Cole, which is a modern, organic line of ceramic tiles featuring photo-realistic buds and original graphic designs.

Tak•To series from Azuvi

The Tak•To series from Azuvi presents a combination of metal effects and reliefs. This wall tile collection comes in neutral colors (white, black and gold), and can be combined with decorative field tiles such as "Pop6" and "Black Luxury" (pictured), for a more select style. Black Luxury's patterns are built up from gilt floral motifs on black backgrounds, seeking a contrast between the stark force of the black and the sheer romanticism of the classical arabesques, the manufacturer reports. Black Luxury is available in a 31.6- x 59-cm format.

Dunis Studios Modern Surfaces ceramic tile collection

Dunis Studios Modern Surfaces ceramic tile collection is a unique group of relief architectural finishes, the company reports. Each hand-cast and hand-painted tile is a different surface texture: wire grid, corrugations, washers, bolts, stucco and other various textures in over-sized shapes. Designed to be used in any of Dunis Studios' 300 field tile colors or in custom colors, the collection gives playful, colorful choices in industrial motifs. Six new additions have recently been added to the Moderns Surfaces collection, including decorative borders, a rhombus, circles and an over-sized checkered tile. Pictured here is an example of rhombus tile in Pewter.

Burano series from Roca

Using advanced techniques of decoration on mosaic, Roca brings the beautiful aesthetic properties of Venetian Mosaic into the world of interior decoration. The Burano series materializes this concept with bright colors that remain unaltered by time: glazed tones with an elegant chromatic composition in shades of green, red, brown and blue. Each base has its corresponding decoration in the same format to enrich it and bring color to any part of the house, Roca reports.

Emotions series from Ceramiche MyWay

The Emotions series of decorative wall tiles from Ceramiche MyWay is available in three different finishes: a field smooth surface with peonies embossed behind the tile, giving it depth; soft sandblasting peonies on the surface of the field tile to provide a three-dimensional effect; and a décor with gold or silver peonies. The collection is available in six colors, including White Mother of Pearl, Red Mother of Pearl, Violet Metallic, Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic and Brown Copper Metallic. The same colors are also available as floor tile in a smooth surface with the peonies embossed behind the field tile. According to the manufacturer, the product is extremely elegant to be used as a surface on its own, or as an accent with natural stone.

Meredith Art Tile® by Meredith Collection®

Meredith Art Tile® by Meredith Collection® is now offering the Moorish series of 6- x 6-inch textured field tile. As the name indicates, the small cross patterns and raised dots of this tile are influenced by middle-eastern design. The tile is available in full-glazed only, the company reports, adding that the tile can add interest and drama to any application.

Mosaico Italiano offers decorative tile options

Mosaico Italiano is now offering new decorative tile options such as using Bianco Carrara marble and Nero Marquina marble in large rhomboid-shaped honed tiles to create a checkerboard pattern. This style is ideal for a kitchen backsplash, among various other applications, reports the manufacturer.

StoneImpressions introduces Modern Collection

StoneImpressions introduces the Modern Collection, a new selection of diverse and contemporary images and patterns that are perfect for murals, kitchen backsplashes and other decorative applications, the company reports. The new collection includes traditional designs inspired by Jacobean embroidery, highly stylized floral designs with flowing vines and leaves, and more contemporary crewel patterns. Furthermore, the collection revisits outdoor tones and elements in new landscapes and still lifes, enabling designers and homeowners to bring the serenity of nature into their products. The tile pictured is referred to as Marseille Red Vision.