Once again tile manufacturers and stone producers have been hard at work developing the latest innovations in tile and stone, which provide new inspirations for both residential and commercial applications.

And in particular, glass tile has become a popular way to add style to a design. Below is just a sampling of some of the recent collections that have been introduced to the market in 2007:

Adriatic layered glass mosaics from Seneca Tiles

Adriatic layered glass mosaics from Seneca Tiles are handmade Venetian glass in the Ancient Murano tradition. Beneath the undulating surface are layers of the most remarkable colors with either 24K Gold or 99.9%-pure platinum. They are available in five blends, including Sunset, Seashore, Sea Foam, Lagoon and Ocean, as well as various shapes such as squares (two small sizes) and rhomboids. Additionally, the shimmering listellos contain simply the 24K Gold or 99.9%-pure platinum.

The Megalos collection from Dune

The Megalos collection from Dune joins together the best of ceramics, glass and stone in order to create a great universe of sensations. Available in 15- x 60- and 30- x 60-cm pieces, the collection also offers a wide range of special decorative bases.

Diamond Tech Tile's (DTT) Frosted Dimensions Series

Diamond Tech Tile’s (DTT) new Frosted Dimensions Series, a modern collection of colored 8-mm etched glass tiles, are durable and long-lasting. Frosted Dimensions will never fade, their color withstands cold and heat, and they are impervious to dirt, making them the perfect style makers for a kitchen backsplash or bath surround, reports the company. Available in eight 1- x 1-inch solids and four stylish color mixes, each of the square-foot, flexible, mesh-mounted sheets can be applied directly to walls and countertops, or wrapped around curved surfaces. The sheets can be cut into strips to be used as a decorative border in combination with other materials.

Haskell Interior Design Collection's first place award

Haskell Interior Design Collection was recently awarded first place in the 43rd annual National Kitchen & Bath Association 2007 design competition in the showroom category. The colorful bath display -- designed by Haskell (Hank) Matheny and Kathy Massey -- features a variety of glass tile from Trend. The wall is comprised of 1- x 1-inch mosaic Aquatica/Eucalyptus shading blends, while the 12- x 12-inch floor tiles are from the Italian company’s Glamour collection. The custom mural is made of Trend V glass tile. Trend’s products are among many others that are offered by Haskell Interior Design Collection. Photo by Stephen Greenfield @ www.stephengreenfield.ws

Crossville's Color Blox Too

The color revolution in Porcelain Stone® tile that Crossville® started with Color Blox and Color Blox Mosaics continues with Color Blox Too. Eight whimsical new colors and two new designs -- Blended Solids and Stripes -- invite architects, designers and homeowners to “mix and match” the new colors, textures and designs with the many sizes offered in Color Blox and Color Blox Mosaics, as well as with multiple carpet products from Bentley Prince Street for installations requiring a coordinated tile and carpeting solution. Crossville’s own Accent Innovations™ offers a full complement of glass, metal and natural stone tile, trim and borders to accent the Color Blox family.

Glass & Stone Fusion mosaics from Mosaico Italiano

Combining the precision of its machine-cut stone mosaics and the brilliance of glass, Glass & Stone Fusion mosaics from Mosaico Italiano is an innovative new product line, which creates boundless options of mixing, blending and geometric compositions never seen before, according to the company. There are over 40 stone products to choose from as well as 10 cutting-edge glass colors. Pictured is a mosaic Honey Onyx polished basketweave with black glass inserts.

The Alina Art Vessel by JSG Oceana

The Alina Art Vessel by JSG Oceana is an innovation in bloom, imitating the poise of a flower in full radiant beauty, all the while retaining qualities of durability and functionality as that of all JSG Oceana “Hard Roc” glass, according to the company. JSG Oceana’s Alina Art Vessel is available in 11 glistening colorations and a generous bowl size. Its unique formulation of borosilicate glass, created by Jeannette Specialty Glass for JSG Oceana, is thermal shock resistant and can withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity. JSG Oceana glass is nonporous, making it resistant to stain, and a very hygienic material. The glass vessels are IAPMO approved.

Vermont Quarries Corp.'s White Danby marble

Vermont Quarries Corp. quarries several grades of precious White Danby marble, including Olympian White, Appalachian Green, Royal, Eureka Calacatta, Imperial, Montclair Arabescato, Mariposa and Crystal Stratus. Mountain White Danby, one of the most historic materials from the company’s Danby Collection, is pictured here.

GranitiFiandre's Platinum

GranitiFiandre’s Platinum collection is characterized by a “shapes-in-motion” aesthetic created through a succession of textured check or triangular wave patterns. Both patterns are created within a unique iridescent body that gives the collection an intense, three-dimensional metallic effect. White Platinum, Black Platinum, Mauve Platinum and Pure Platinum are available in 24- x 24- and 24- x 12-inch sizes with coordinating special pieces. The Platinum collection was created with advanced porcelain technologies that ensure superior values of hardness, non-absorbency and resistance to fire, frost, wear and chemical attack, according to the manufacturer.

Apavisa's large-format tile sizes

Apavisa has increased its production line by doubling its capacity of production. As a result of this effort, Apavisa has recently launched its new large-format tile sizes, which include 60 x 20 and 15 x 120 cm. The new sizes are available in the company’s existing Metal, Newstone and Stonetech collections.

Rock of Ages' Bethel White granite

From one of its quarries in Vermont, Rock of Ages offers Bethel White granite, which displays a flawless, even grain and purity of color that truly makes it the perfect choice for any project where quality is the specification, according to the company. The material has been used for many high-profile projects around the world, including The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT, which was built to serve as a conference center for the 2002 Winter Olympics, and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.

Bellagio series from Mediterranea

Utilizing advanced synchronized Rotocolor technology, the Bellagio series from Mediterranea is one of the most complete porcelain tile ranges manufactured in Turkey, reports the company. The full range includes tile formats of 24 x 24, 18 x 18, 13 x 13 and 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches as well as accessory pieces and mesh-backed mosaics on 13- x 13-inch sheets. Available in five different colors, including Scabos, Cream, Noce, Gold and Ivory, Bellagio exceeds the ADA requirement for Coefficient of Friction, and is ideal for both commercial and residential settings, according to Mediterranea.

Pokarna Limited's Acacia granite

Pokarna Limited’s Acacia granite can be used for exterior, interior, vertical, horizontal, commercial and residential applications. The material, which is quarried at the company’s quarry in India, is available in polished, honed, bushhammered and flamed finishes.

Ann Sacks' Sakura tiles

Ann Sacks’ Sakura tiles evoke the timeless quality of classic Japanese design -- each tile unique and handcrafted, much like the hand-dipped silk kimonos of the Far East. Inspired by the illusory quality of renowned Japanese textile artist Itchiku Kubota’s stunning kimono collection and the magnificent folding screens from the Edo period, Sakura captures the essence of raw silk in the medium of hand-painted ceramic tiles, according to the company. Though based in these ancient traditions, the Sakura designs are also exceptionally modern in their rich use of color graphics.

The Sandgate Collection from Questech

The Sandgate Collection from Questech features beautiful Cast Stone decoratives and accessories, brilliant premium cast metal accents and coordinating natural stone tiles that are guaranteed to be beautiful for life, according to the company.

Bestview International's “Clasico Collection”

Bestview International’s “Clasico Collection” offers a new line of natural stone classic designs on tiles, mosaics, borders and their combinations using marble, onyx, limestone, travertine, slate, quartzite and glass.

The Carena Natural Stones Collection from Kale Group

The Carena Natural Stones Collection from Kale Group, has a large variety of mosaics, borders, decors, moldings, medallions, sinks, shower tubs, tumbled tiles and cut-to-size pieces, which are made from Turkish marble, travertine and onyx as well as various high-quality stones imported from around the world.

EasyMatTM with SoundGard® Technology from Custom® Building Products

EasyMatTM with SoundGard® Technology from Custom® Building Products is the industry’s most technologically advanced, lightweight mat underlayment, according to the company. Highly versatile, EasyMat can be used for setting tile or stone directly over any acceptable subfloor, and it can be installed up to four times faster than backerboard with an optional peel-and-stick adhesive backing, reports Custom Building Products. Easy to use and carry, EasyMat weighs up to 25 times less than cement backerboard and can lighten construction loads per square foot considerably. EasyMat is dimensionally stable, creates an exceptionally strong, bonded crack prevention system and delivers high, credible impact sound reduction.