Braxton-Bragg - Variable-Speed Router

Product Description: The Hercules® variable-speed router from Braxton-Bragg as survived the test of time, due to Hercules’ ability and technology to constantly improve its products. Braxton-Bragg’s Master Technician, Bill Roberts, has suggested many of these improvements, which have been incorporated in the updated machine. Some of these include waterproofed electronics inside the cover, the addition of lock-nuts to better secure the height adjustment knob, the installation of a more durable power cord with an easy-to-match 220-volt plug, and better sealing of the intake air compartment to insure that the electric motor runs cooler. The Hercules variable-speed router has a stronger three-horsepower motor that runs on 220-volt, single-phase power with a 2,000 to 10,000 RPM range that will allow the user to break, profile and polish any edge. Every Hercules variable-speed router comes with a hydroplaning base and will accept virtually every router bit made.   

GMM - CNC Bridge Sawing Technology and Edge Polishers

Product Description: One of Europe’s leading bridge saw manufacturers has extended its range even further than before. From bridge saws to block cutters and everything in between, Italy-based GMM is located in Gravellona Toce with a second Cemar facility in Schio, near Vicenza. All the cutting machines are made in Gravellona, while the extended range of edge polishers, slab and tile lines and automated handling systems are built in Schio.

GMM has recently added machines across its range. Both Litox and Egil are full CNC bridge saw machines aimed at both the fabrication market for high-speed precision slab processing, and also architectural workshops with their requirements for ease and speed of programming complicated shaping and profiling work. This innovative product - which has had its patent registered - has been awarded the “Innovative Design Technology Award” for best three-dimensional cutting and finishing machine by the Italian Association for Industrial Design at CarraraMarmotec 2010.

The Toro and Costa edge polishers are the newest additions to the range of polishing machines produced at the Schio factory. The Toro comes in differing versions from “quick” up to the “master,” meaning there is a machine for every requirement and budget

Continued innovation, research and development are only some of the reasons why GMM has today sold and installed more than 4,000 machines all around the world.

Granite City Tool - Single-Head Polishing Machine

Product Description: The Denver Solution, available from Granite City Tool, is a single-head, mono-bloc polishing machine capable of producing many different types of surface finishes. The market for textured stones has increased dramatically over the last five years, the company reports, requiring slab dealers to stock several different types of the same stone with different finishes to meet market demands. This machine was designed to save the fabricator or stone dealer from having to stock several different finishes of the same stone. Additionally, many slab dealers receive material in containers that have scratches or swirl marks in the polish, and the Denver Solution can repair these imperfections. This machine allows a slab dealer to recover the cost of the stone and repair the stone rather than having to discount the stone and sell it for no profit, the company reports.

The machine is capable of taking polished slabs of material and producing a honed surface. The machine was also designed to do texturing, meeting the market demand for textured slabs - such as “leather,” “sandblasted,” “bushhammered” and others. All of these finishes are gaining in popularity with architects and designers. The Solution offers the fabricator or stone dealer the option to do any of these popular finishes in their facility without having to wait for containers to be shipped from overseas. Granite City Tool adds that the machine is economically priced in relation to others in the market.

GranQuartz - Stone Chisel

Product Description: The new BigDog stone chisel from GranQuartz comes with scallop, reverse scallop, soft stone and standard bite carbide chisel teeth - allowing the operator to produce natural and decorative edge designs on most stone materials, including laminates, from 2 to 8 cm. The BigDog’s ergonomic design was designed to be easier to operate than other chiselers, and it gives the operator a clear view of the work area for precise placement of the chisel teeth and a cleaner edge on the finished product. The BigDog’s powerful hydraulic ram delivers 5 tons of directly applied force to the stone, and the modular jaw system allows the operator to switch the chisel teeth in seconds.

MK Diamond Products - Portable Stone Saw

Product Description: The MK-212-6 is a rugged, yet portable professional stone saw suitable for use on any jobsite. The newest addition to the 212 Series, the MK-212-6 makes possible 72-inch cuts in material up to 3 inches thick. The 12-inch blade capacity also provides a  2 ½-inch depth of cut on 45-degree miter cuts. It features a powerful 2-horsepower, 120-volt, direct-drive motor and an adjustable built-in miter system that allows cuts on all angles from 45 to 90 degrees.

The adjustable-height cutting head is mounted on a roller-bearing carriage running on a stainless steel rail for superior accuracy and is spring loaded for easy plunge cuts. A pivoting blade guard makes changing blades easy and accommodates profile wheels up to 10 inches in diameter. The MK-212-6 has an efficient water delivery system to suppress dust and cool the blade and a removable water manifold for easy cleaning. The saw frame incorporates a built-in stand with removable legs. Built-in carrying handles make for easy lifting and optional transport wheels are available.

Die-cast aluminum components reduce weight without compromising structural integrity, while heavy-gauge steel assures that the MK-212 has optimal durability and accuracy. The saw includes a 12-inch diamond blade, water pump, rip guide and a 12-inch adjustable cutting guide. The MK-212 is manufactured in the U.S.

Regent Stone, Inc. - Gantry Saw

Product Description: Regent Stone, Inc. has been selling the Renegade saw since its inception. The saw puts quality and value first, making it a popular choice for both start-ups and existing fabrication shops. The standard features include a heavy-duty 6- x 10-foot tilting table with stops at 0, 45, 90 and 135 degrees with variable locking positions; precision-machined gantry and bridge; a 10-horsepower, 220-volt, three-phase motor (single-phase optional); a high-intensity laser and convenient control panel with amperage gauge.

This saw is manufactured and warranted in the U.S. by RYE Corp.

Salem Stone - Edge Polisher

Product Description: The Luna 740 is the latest model of edge polishers from Montresor, available exclusively from Salem Stone. This innovative machine is the product of years of experience and research, culminating in a machine that offers versatility and superb performance. At the heart of the Luna 740 is Montresor’s unique polishing head rotation system. This forward-thinking design has greatly simplified this typically complicated area by using efficient electrical drives instead of costly hydraulics and eliminating the majority of expensive moving parts. A new V-groove attachment for the Luna 740 is now available. The new automatic V-groove device expands the capabilities of any Luna 740. This innovative device operates in-line and in tandem with the edging process. It saws an accurate double 45-degree angle cut the length of the slab, producing two slab pieces to be glued jointly at 90 degrees - creating a substantial looking edge profile.

Wilson Industrial Electric, Inc. - Automated Polisher

Product Description: Wilson Industrial Electric, Inc. introduces the new ASP-300 polisher for manmade and natural stone. The ASP-300 is fully automated and runs up to seven different stages to obtain the polish that is desired, which includes a calibration stage. Wilson installs CO.ME.S. heads on the polisher, which offer optimum efficiency and ease of maintenance. The polisher runs on two steel gantry legs and has a Mitsubishi  PLC with a Maples keypad for programming.