The Stain Sponge is now exclusively available from Braxton-Bragg.

After years of research and experiments, Fred Hueston of Stone Forensics has invented a unique product: the Stain Sponge, which is now exclusively available from Braxton-Bragg. He has combined the necessary stone-safe surfactants and diatomaceous earths with the ease of a bag similar to those used in teabags, and invented the first easy-to-use poultice stain remover for stone products. By utilizing the stain process reversal technique, the patented Stain Sponge draws the stain from inside the stone.

The bag is soaked in water and placed on the dampened stain, then covered with a piece of plastic wrap. A few holes are punched in the wrap to allow for slow drying of the bag.  As the bag dries, the stain is drawn into the poultice inside the bag. After 12 to 24 hours, the bag should be dry and is removed. There is no poultice powder to scrape off and scrub down. If additional treatments are needed (sometimes the case with serious stains), using a new bag is recommended, according to Braxton-Bragg.

For additional information on the Stain Sponge or other Braxton-Bragg products, contact the sales reps at Braxton-Bragg. This patented product is available for immediate shipment.