The SX5 from Scandinvent is an an interpolated, give axis, powerful (15- to- 21-horsepower spindle) fully automated stone CNC saw.

The SX5 follows Scandinvent’s tradition of innovation for simple operation. The SX5 ensures high production and efficient stone fabrication. With a unique three-side-open gantry, optional loading and unloading tables and hydraulic table-tilt, the SX5 was designed to be easy to load. Like all of Scandinvent’s CNC stoneworking machines, the SX5 comes with ScandSOFT software. The interpolated axes allow the SX5 to cut in any direction, with all axes working together. With a laser attached to the blade cover, users are able to align the slab and direct cuts when using the manual cut feature.

ScandSOFT, together with the SX5, means that users can cut almost any shape automatically with one program. Users can also switch the saw to manual mode for simple, straight cuts.

With an intelligent speed regulator, the SX5 can be left to work whatever type of stone is being cut. No operator is required to monitor the machine during single or multiple cuts, and the full shape that has been programmed will be cut without the need for adjustments.

For advanced kitchen design, the SX5 with ScandSOFT allows the actual slabs being used to be photographed and imported into the CAD program. On the 22-inch LCD display, the proposed cut-outs can be virtually arranged in the ScandSOFT program by the operator, on top of a photo of the actual slab to be cut. It is the same as manually laying out a template on the slab of a manual saw, but executed on a computer screen.

Users can print the image for their own and their customer’s final approval, and they can check inherent patterns, fissures, anomalies or defects in the stone before cutting.

This nesting program optimizes time and reduces waste, while also allowing for vein and grain matching. The software was engineered to be user-friendly, and it was developed with experienced stoneworkers. It requires no prior expierence or CNC knowledge, and an optional ”Full Business Package” includes kitchen design, quote and purchase planning.

The machine has a 137.8- x 74.8-inch worktable, and a maximum working thickness of 7.9 inches. The cutting stroke is 137.8 inches (x axis) x 72 inches (Y axis) x 15.7 inches (Z axis) with 360-degree head rotation. The head also tilts from 0 to 90 degrees for miter cutting, and it can accommodate blades ranging from 300 to 700 mm (11.8 to 24.6 inches).