The Demountable Slab Carrier from (MGT) recently introduced the Demountable Slab Carrier - designed to improve the maneuverability, flexibility and fuel economy of commercial stone delivery vehicles.

The innovative Demountable Carrier can be quickly and easily removed from a standard cargo van or Sprinter when it is not required for a stone delivery and reinstalled when there is stone to deliver. According to the manufacturer, this non-permanent or demountable attachment between the vehicle and stone carrier creates a set of advantages not found in conventional fixed vehicle/carrier combinations, including increased maneuverability, fleet flexibility and enhanced image, better fuel economy, and extended vehicle and carrier life.

A roof rack is required for installation of the Demountable Carrier and is available in a basic model or with options, including an over-the-cab extension, metal cat walk and integrated roll-out ladder for convenient access to the vehicle’s roof.

A system similar to a trailer hitch and receiver facilitates the quick-change from slab truck to standard delivery vehicle. Mounting bars on the top and bottom of the Demountable Carrier slide into sleeves on the roof rack and load bearing underbody mounts, which are computer designed for the model of vehicles  included as standard equipment. The mounts are tied into the vehicle’s chassis or unibody to directly support the weight of the stone and the carrier while the roof rack connection provides stability and additional support.

Fabricated from sturdy 6061 T6 Aluminum posts and slats, each Demountable Carrier is assembled with Huck aircraft-grade mechanical fasteners. MGT reports utilizing these specialized aerospace-industry fasteners because they are extremely strong and will not crack or become brittle like welds on aluminum or loosen from vibration like bolts and nuts or rivets.

All MGT carriers feature integrated horizontal and vertical rubber padding along the full length of the posts and slats, which is the most stone protection padding available on any stone carrier, according to the manufacturer. There is also a 5-inch wide usable bottom shelf with thick rubber base pads to protect the stone’s bottom edge and dual pole settings to accommodate a wide range of thicknesses.

Omni Cubed Sink Hole Saver VCA

The U.S.-made Sink Hole Saver VCA by Omni Cubed protects finished stone pieces from breakage during lifting, moving and installation. The product works great for curved tops, “bump-out” tops or shower walls, and it can be combined with the original Sink Hole Saver strengthening rail (mechanical clamp version) for added versatility during installations. The efficiently engineered pump operates on a 9V battery to maintain pressure for all cups, or the unit can be converted on the spot (without tools) to manual thumb pumps if a battery is not available, according to Omni Cubed. The 6-inch vacuum cups quickly slide and lock in the rail for custom placement around sink holes, and the vacuum cups, pump and rail stay together as one convenient unit. The new model includes rail, vacuum pump, 9V battery adapter, cups with covers and thumb-pump plungers.