All stone fabricators are invited to join Northwood and the Stone Fabricators Alliance (SFA) at Crowe Custom Countertops in Acworth, GA, (near Atlanta) from March 25 to 27 for an inside look at both a high-volume production facility as well as small workcell production.

This industry event will feature three Northwood CNC machines running real parts, for real jobs for actual customers, as opposed to a typical sales demonstration. Attendees will be given an opportunity to see the machinery operate in a “real world environment,” creating countertops and making money.

During the event, Northwood will showcase two different scenarios for countertop manufacturing. First, the updated Ultimate FabCenter (SW138-UFC) will be sawing slabs in the morning using the high-torque SmartSaw and profiling edges in the afternoon - representing a small workcell all-in-one machine facility.

The other scenario features the dual-table SawJET technology feeding parts directly to the CNC router to be profiled - producing up to 500 square feet per day.

Besides the machinery, many interesting topics will be up for discussion throughout the three-day workshop. These topics include:

• Advantages of the digital workshop

• The advantages of a laser templating system

• Operation of a “fab only” shop

• Sales and marketing, including the use of Internet tools

• Efficient small workcell production using the SW138-UFC - Ultimate FabCenter

• High-volume production management of up to 500 square feet per day utilizing the dual-table SawJET and CNC router

Contact Robbie Tidwell at Northwood Machine (robbie@northwoodmachine or 502-267-5504) for more information, or register online with the Stone Fabricators Alliance at