Levantina’s Mediterraneo Collection

Levantina’s Mediterraneo Collection offers a selection of new materials: Blanco Altea, Blanco Tabarca and Blanco Tabarca Stripped. The company reports that the materials are ideal on exteriors due to their excellent physical qualities, durability and low porosity. As well as their aesthetic qualities, these materials have high-thermal resistance and are one of the better options in variable atmospheric conditions, according to Levantina.

Benefits include:

• Adaptable to multiple fastening systems

• Minimum maintenance

• High-impact resistance

Blanco Altea is flat and smooth. It is recommended for ventilated and non-ventilated fronts. Blanco Tabarca is rough and rustic with a touch of originality. It is also recommended for ventilated and non-ventilated fronts. Blanco Tabarca Stripped is non-slip and suitable for both exterior and interior applications. Formats include slab, standard flagstone and cut-to-size in 2 and 3 cm thicknesses.


Lace 2116 from CaesarStone’s Motivo collection

CaesarStone, a quartz surface manufacturer, presents Motivo, a new pattern-designed technique for its quartz surfaces. To create Motivo, CaesarStone uses a unique patented polishing method to create contrasting gloss and matte finish on its quartz surfaces.

Motivo can be used for a multitude of applications, including kitchen backsplashes, shower walls, vanity tops, wall paneling, bar tops, custom-made furniture and more. Since there are no minimum order requirements for Motivo, it can be an option for projects of all sizes.

Crocodile 3117 from CaesarStone’s Motivo collection

Motivo will be available in two patterns - Lace 2116: this delicate floral pattern adds elegance and grace to a room. The subtle design in brilliant white is traditional yet trendsetting and unique. And Crocodile 3117: this dramatic and daring pattern adds a sense of adventure to any space. An exotic black surface, Crocodile adds depth, intrigue and excitement to interior designs.

The technique used to achieve Motivo’s signature looks has been carefully developed in order to maintain the integrity of CaesarStone’s high-quality standards and physical properties. As with all CaesarStone surfaces, Motivo in non-porous and low-maintenance.