Effective immediately for the 2009 year-end benefit, Miracle Sealants is implementing the following changes that it reports will make the program even more appealing to both contractors and distributors.

The 10% year-end product rebate will now put cash directly into the contractors’ pockets to use as they see fit. The more Miracle Sealants products contractors buy, the more they will have to spend on other businesses, or however they wish. Contractors can continue to mail in their receipts for purchases of Miracle Sealants’ products with their Contractor Reward ID number and Miracle Sealants will tally all of their purchases and rebate them 10% of the total spent with a check at the end of the year. Visitwww.miraclesealants.comfor more details. Making the program even more lucrative, the membership fee in the Contractor Reward Program has been reduced from $49.95 to $0.00. If contractors have already paid for their membership, Miracle Sealants will credit it back to them as part of their rebate.

In light of distributors, partnering with them to improve its business is a high priority for Miracle Sealants. Without all of its valued distributors, Miracle Sealants reports not being able to effectively sell Miracle Sealants’ products. That’s why the incentive to contractors comes off of its bottom-line and not the distributors. Not only that, but Miracle Sealants takes over the administration of the program. Now distributors can drive the sales of Miracle Sealants’ products with a 10% cash-back rebate, and still keep their margins in tact without any of the hassles. In fact, Miracle Sealants will give each participating distributor a year end 20% cash rebate of their own on their customers rebate.

Example: Contractor forwards receipts for $5,000 worth of Miracle Sealants products purchased from an active distributor. Contractor receives $500 cash rebate and participating (verified through receipts) distributor receives a cash rebate of $100.00.