VIC Internationalhas introduced a new 150-page, four-color stone fabrication product catalog commemorating the 30th anniversary of VIC International Corp.

The VIC International color-coded product catalog is organized into easy-to-use categories as follows: polishing pads, diamond blades, core bits/cup wheels, diamond tooling, CNC tooling, hand tools, adhesives, silicone carbide abrasives and bricks, shop and installation supplies, countertop and floor care, material handling, small and large equipment, environmental systems and general information.

In addition, the VIC catalog includes handy order forms as well as new account application forms for customers who want to join the ranks of VIC International customers.

Also, VIC launched a convenient e-commerce Web site designed for providing fabricators a quick avenue for everyday cost-savings (

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has introduced a new consumer publication at StonExpo/ Marmomacc Americas 2008 in Las Vegas. A “Homeowner’s Guide to Natural Stone Countertop Installation” was presented as the perfect pre-sale brochure to give homeowners, designers, kitchen and bath dealers and architects - anyone interested in the countertop installation process.

Tailored to consumers, this color and text brochure helps guide homeowners through the process that professional fabricators follow when using natural stone as a countertop surface. It explains the role of qualified and experienced stone professionals when it comes to design, stone selection, fabrication and installation decisions.

“The content in this new guide is taken largely from the countertop chapter in the MIA’s Dimension Stone Design Manual (DSDM), VII,” said Technical Director, Chuck Muehlbauer. “With the homeowner in mind, we repackaged the technical aspects of the DSDM and produced this ‘consumer-friendly’ version. It contains many specific standards, guidelines and recommendations.”

Since the full potential of any countertop installation is realized only when the selection, design, fabrication and installation are completed by, or with the consultation of, qualified and experienced individuals, Muehlbauer suggests offering “A Homeowner’s Guide to Natural Stone Countertop Installation” to clients and colleagues as an instructive informational guide.

2009 MIA President Guido Gliori added, “By giving this resource to consumers and kitchen and bath dealers, you are providing them with valuable knowledge that enhances the quality of the sale.”

The MIA posted a copy of the guide on its consumer Web site, Multiple copies are available to MIA members in packs of 25 for $50.00/ pack and to non-members for $75.00/ pack through the MIA bookstore atwww.marble-institute.comor by contacting MIA at 440-250-9222.

Barton Mines Company, LLCrecently announced the publication of a new waterjet parts catalog representing the industry’s most comprehensive offering of replacement parts for abrasive waterjet equipment. The 40-page catalog features a full line of competitively priced parts and accessories for all waterjet systems, including Flow, OMAX, Jet Edge and KMT. 

Barton has partnered with the industry leaders in every product area to bring quality, value and performance to the market. The catalog features Barton exclusives such as HydroBloc waterjet bricks, Hyperion nozzles and the Trident Cutting Head. Also included is a full range of ultra high-pressure parts. Genuine OEM parts are available for Flow and OMAX equipment.

Barton began distributing waterjet replacement parts in 2002 to complement its line of waterjet abrasives. Its product offering continues to grow to meet the needs of its customers, Barton reports.