Diamax President Justin Hong announced that the company has hired Lewis Anthony to manage the growth of the Diamax sales team. Anthony will be based out of Diamax headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

“With the international growth of our Cyclone and Hurricane brands, we really needed someone to manage all our diverse salespeople,” Hong said. “We also needed a senior leader to help us grow the Diamax brand domestically.”

Anthony most recently served as Director of Sales for Staircase Makeover, LLC. Prior to that, he has served in executive positions such as at Luminet, Inc., Lucent Technologies-Power Systems and Honeywell.

“I am excited about the opportunity to help a growing, dynamic company take their sales to the next level,” Anthony said. “You are going to see some exciting changes and rapid growth at Diamax in the next several quarters.”

Diamax Industries, Inc. facilitates the growth of diamond tool distributors worldwide. The company has developed a complete line of competitively-priced super high-performance tools that have undergone rigorous testing in the field and the laboratory. Products include the Cyclone Dryflex 5 system and the Cyclone Dry Core Bit. Diamax now also sells directly to fabricators outside the U.S. and Canada via its global store atwww.diamaxglobal.com.