Anver E4000M16 Vacuum Lifter

The Anver E4000M16 Vacuum Lifter introduced by Anver Corp. of Hudson, MA, is a new, compact high-capacity vacuum lifter for stone, steel, granite and similar heavy lifting applications requiring a small footprint. The vacuum lifter incorporates all-welded steel construction with double spring suspensions to equally force each of the eight square vacuum pads onto the load and accommodate variations in the load surface. Featuring a 40,000-pound capacity with an 8- x 10-foot footprint, this lifter has remote controls, which can be fully integrated with an overhead crane.

Equipped with a 78 CFM pump, motors, reservoir tanks and an audio-visual alarm system, the Anver E4000M16 Vacuum Lifter has a safety interlock switch that prevents the release of a load until the lifter has been lowered completely. Each suction pad can be individually controlled to correspond with the load configuration.