Regent Mobile Stores’ touring van

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA - Regent Stone Products of Virginia Beach, VA, is adding touring vans known as Regent Mobile Stores to visit shops personally. These vans, which are equipped with 60 cubic feet of space and a 7-foot-high ceiling, are stocked with a full line of products.

The Mobile Stores are touring vans used to support the company’s reps in the field to sell and educate their customers as to the new lines of products. It is also used to educate the customer as to the advantages of the RegentiStore and savings using contract pricing., which is an online systems management program, allows either the sales agent or the customer to access information easily and place orders over the Internet quickly and accurately.

Another primary focus of the touring vans is to introduce Marmoeletromeccanica’s new Super High Speed(SHS) line of CNC tools as well as new hand router bits Premium Blue and Form Perfect, according to Regent Stone Products. “We know expanding outside sales while most of the competition is contracting is unusual during a shrinking market, but because of customer request, there is a strong need to meet with customers face to face to explain the cost savings and efficiencies of the iStore,” said Tim Siviter, company president. “Whether they phone in their orders or click on and order online, they are set up to take advantage of the program. The majority of our largest customers use the iStore to order because their negotiated pricing is set up in custom accounts so they can order online in minutes. While that may be good for larger customers with purchasing agents, the reps can manage smaller customer accounts easier and process orders quickly in the field.

“Everything is seamless but it involves setting up,” Siviter went on to explain. “That is why there is the need to meet with the customer even if only once in a while. The Mobile Stores are set up to do this efficiently and allows us to visit CNC customers demonstrating our tools.”

Regent Stone Products is currently setting up independent reps as well as company hires to handle exclusive territories nationally. Each rep is supported and trained in the field by one of the company’s 11 inside sales reps. Most of them have been with the company for over 10 years, and they are of the most experienced in the industry, reports Regent Stone Products.

“Regent has offered fabrication seminars for over 15 years, and each salesman plays a role in this,” said Siviter. “They are the most knowledgeable in the industry, so it just makes sense for them to manage territorial reps to work some in the field and train. Utilizing the Mobile Stores only enhances this experience. Once routes are developed in high-concentrated areas, these vans may be dedicated to where it makes sense.”

Currently, Regent Stone Products has five reps set up in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin and Mississippi. They are seeking reps to handle every state.<