Regent’s CNC Tool Division has expanded to meet U.S. market demands. Pictured are Michele Ragno (left), new factory representative; John Richerts (center), new CNC Tool Field Technician; and David McDaniel, head of the CNC Tool Program.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA -- Regent Stone Products and Marmoelettromeccanica USA, a leading company in CNC router bit technology, has added John Richerts and Michele Ragno to its staff. Richerts has years of experience running CNC machines, and he has joined the Regent team in the position of CNC Tool Field Technician. He will be responsible for troubleshooting CNC applications and on-site demonstrations of the LongLife polishing system from Marmoelettromeccanica. With the purchase of four sets or more of Regent's LongLife system, Richerts will set these bits up on a customer's CNC machine.

Ragno joins the company's team in the capacity of factory representative. His job is to ensure optimum quality control and to meet the U.S. market demands. He is also responsible for new product development and testing of CNC tooling, with an emphasis on constantly improving the results that Marmoelettromeccanica CNC bits provide. Ragno will also be visiting customers in the U.S. market to help them better utilize the advanced technology available from Marmoelettromeccanica. The CNC Tool Program is headed by David McDaniel.