Intermac America, a leading provider of high-tech stone and glass systems, has introduced the Master 43 Twin, which will make its debut at StonExpo 2008 in Las Vegas.

A four-axis work center, the Master 43 Twin features double electro-spindle operating heads plus a fourth rotating axis for aggregates, offering a whole new level of productivity, according to the company.

Double electro-spindle operating heads: The Master 43 Twin’s operating heads are equipped with two electro-spindles, each with a maximum rotation of 12,000 rpm. This unique feature makes it possible to simultaneously carry out multiple operations, significantly reducing production time while maintaining the highest quality of finishing, reports the manufacturer. The ability to exclude one of the spindles makes the Master Twin as flexible as a traditional Intermac CNC.

Tool change optimization: The Master 43 Twin is equipped with two tool changes - one 12-position and one 14-position - both of which can be equipped from outside while the machine is running. In the 12-position, the head changes two tools at the same time, so that both can operate simultaneously. The 14-position tool change houses the two electro-spindles, mills and all machining tools in a single operating unit.

The Master 43 Twin also features new “Full-Digital” technology for axis management through a PC, with an iCam 2D programming system and tool presetting via digital video.