Integra Adhesives Inc. has released the next generation of its color-matched adhesives for the surfacing industry - Surface Bonder Xi. The new formula is available in more than 200 colors, offers higher impact resistance than previous formulations and was developed for modern demanding fabrication methods such as V-grooving, integral sink applications and dynamic load situations. Surface Bonder Xi has also reduced VOC content, shrinks less during the cure process and is noticeably less odorous, according to the company. Additionally, the manufacturer reports that the new formula retains the fast cure properties of the original formulas and offers increased shelf life - up to 2 years when stored correctly.

Surface Bonder Xi also produces improved tensile and flexural bond strength over previous 13-E and Estone 101 formulations. Fabricators will benefit from increased color choices as the product is made to be used universally on acrylic, polyester and poly-blended solid surface materials as well as all stone products - natural and engineered, reports the manufacturer.

Shipments of the new adhesive have begun in a limited number of colors, with a complete conversion of the 13-E and Estone lines expected by the end of this quarter. The new formula will be available from Integra direct under the Integra brand as well as through Integra distributors and private label partners across North America. Integra Europe will also stock and distribute Surface Bonder Xi to its partners and customers overseas.