Over the past decade or so, the stone fabrication industry has clearly moved towards the kitchen countertop sector. And with this in mind, it is natural that many stone fabricators are regularly offering sinks to their customers. This is not only a service to the homeowners, but it also allows stone fabricators to become familiar with certain sink shapes and styles. But like all products, the choices for sinks are growing on a daily basis and manufacturers are looking to increase practicality, durability, aesthetics and other factors.

The following is a look at some of the latest sink offerings on the market today:

The AS310 from AmeriSink connects the nostalgia of a farm sink with the modern lines of stainless steel. This Type 304 stainless steel farm sink features a large single bowl and measures 33 x 21 x 10 inches. The flawless finish can add a beautiful touch to any kitchen. Users will appreciate the deep single bowl and the utility it allows, reports AmeriSink.

The AS315 from AmeriSink has a modern and ultra-chic design to attract “fashion forward” clientele. At 33 x 20 x 10 inches, this Type 304, 16-gauge stainless steel sink adds visual interest to distinguish it from competitors. The artistic shape and rear drain also make it a favorite of AmeriSink’s customers, reports the manufacturer.

AmeriSink’s AS125 is an asymmetrical single-bowl sink, providing a large work surface. Space and utility highlight this Type 304 stainless steel sink, which measures 31 x 20 x 10 inches.

The AS111 from AmeriSink’s Builder Line is a standard 22-gauge top-mount sink. Measuring 33 x 22 x 8 inches, this stainless steel sink was developed as a simple and affordable option.

Artisan Manufacturing offers a hand-crafted, designer-inspired copper farmhouse sink, featuring a decorative pattern crafted into the front apron and detailed hand tooling. With 10 inches of depth and a 28- x 17-inch interior, the Artisan Farmhouse Sink intends to create a dramatic focal point in any kitchen or pantry. The return reveal curves on each side are 4 5/8 inches, providing flexible installation above a cabinet or on legs.

Hand-crafted in solid copper and brass, the Copper and Brass Basin Collection by Artisan Manufacturing offers architects, designers and homeowners the sizes and unique shapes that present an air of luxury in both contemporary and traditional styling. With depths up to 6 ½ inches and widths up to 19 ½ inches, these bathroom sinks were designed to offer beauty and function in nine styles, the manufacturer reports.

Artisan Manufacturing’s Stainless Steel Collection of sinks offers a 16 gauge thickness and Type 304, commercial grade, 18/10 stainless steel. The manufacturer reports that the high-luster satin finish is recognized to be durable, practical and stylish, complementing the latest trends in kitchen design.

Artisan offers 13 styles and 22 sizes with depths up to 10 1/8 inches and widths to meet a range of design and functional requirements, including single, double and extra-deep bowls, offset sinks and bar sinks. The proprietary V-Therm ShieldTM provides sound-deadening results, reducing noise and vibration, and offers thermal retention qualities.

Blanco has introduced BlancoPerforma in Silgranit®, the inspired stone expression of the company’s stainless steel design. This collection of high-capacity bowl designs introduces four designs, each in five colors, including new Café Brown. Cascade, a single-bowl model, includes an integrated work and preparation center. Silgranit sinks, made from 80% granite, have been engineered for optimal strength, scratch and stain resistance with consistent color throughout the entire sink. The hygienic, non-porous surface is easy to clean and doesn’t absorb odors or bacteria, the company reports.

Braxton-Bragg offers 16 and 18 gauge Vallé stainless steel sinks as well as high-quality ceramic drop-in and undermount vanity sinks. The company markets its durable, stylish and affordable sinks directly to fabricators so shops can offer customers a better alternative to a self-installed home supply store sink. Vallé stainless steel sinks are engineered to hold up to heavy use, look good in any new or remodeled kitchen and are easy to maintain and clean, according to the company.

Vallé stainless steel sinks are manufactured from heavy gauge, Type 304 stainless steel, and are resistant to stains and corrosion. The high luster satin finish and craftsmanship add long-lasting beauty to any kitchen counter installation. The undersides of all Vallé stainless steel sinks are fully coated, and come with extra rubber padding for superior sound deadening. Available in double, single and reverse designs, they complement the latest trends in modern kitchen design.

Braxton-Bragg also offers a full range of accessories, including matching sink grids, stainless steel traps and installation hardware.

Bristol Sinks reports that the B814 (also available in right-hand configuration B814-R) is one of its best sellers. The sink has a classic style and is functional for all kitchen styles, the company reports. Measuring 32 x 20 ¾ inches x 9 or 7 inches deep, this sink is finished with a fine satin brush, allowing for excellent durability and luster. Featuring Type 304 stainless steel, a small bowl on the right, a Stone Guard Undercoated over rubber pad and offset 3 ½ - inch (114-mm) drain openings, the B814 features undermount installation and is supplied with a cutout template, fasteners and a 3 ½-inch strainer. Optional accessories include a stainless steel grid set.

The B903 from Bristol Sinks is a classic, curved-front farmer sink. This hand-made, stainless steel sink measures 30 x 21 x 10 inches and features Type 304 stainless steel, a Stone Guard Undercoated over rubber pad and a 3 ½ -inch (114 - mm) drain opening with a satin finish. The B903 has undermount installation supplied with a cutout template, fasteners and a 3 ½-inch strainer.

Bristol Sinks reports that the B604, which is new to the company’s lineup, has proven to be very popular with its clients. This studio style sink is available in both white and bisque and has a glazed finish on both the interior and exterior. Measuring 21 x 14 x 6 1/2 inches, this sink comes in a high-quality China porcelain finish, which allows for a bright white glaze on the outside and inside of the bowl. It features undermount installation.

Bristol Sinks reports that the clean lines of the B907 50/50 square double sink make it a popular one. This sink measures 33 x 19 inches x 10 inches deep.

Chemcore Industries, Inc.’s Smithy’s copper sinks are handmade from high-quality 100% copper, in at least a 16-gauge thickness. This line includes many kitchen and bath styles in two finishes - antique or burned.

Chemcore Industries, Inc.’s own line of Tritan sinks include both double- and triple-bowl kitchen sinks and eight styles of single-bowl kitchen, bar and bath sinks. The manufacturer reports that the double- and triple-bowl sinks also feature a three- and four-piece European construction technique. Additionally, the sinks feature double sound deadening, with both spray-on deadener and rubber sound deadener pads.

Leonet sinks by Chemcore Industries, Inc.’s are full 18-gauge sinks with 9-inch-deep bowls in the kitchen models’ deep side, and double sound deadening. Leonet features four kitchen models and two bar/prep models, with more styles coming soon, according to the company. The kitchen models come with either brushed stainless or polished decks. Reversible large bowls are also available with all Leonets, featuring a lifetime warranty.

Additionally, Chemcore Industries, Inc. reports that it distributes Blanco SiligranitTM sinks in black, white, bisque and gray, and in more than 10 different styles.

Domain Industries announced the release of its new Santa Fe Collection of copper kitchen and vanity sinks. These copper sinks give homeowners a unique flexibility to accent their kitchens and bathroom vanities by artistically enhancing stone, solid surface and other elegant surfacing products. Santa Fe copper sinks are made from 16 gauge copper sheets and come in a variety of intricate designs.

Domain Industries also introduced a new sink model in its Santa Fe Stone Kitchen Series. For example, the hand-crafted 50/50 Absolute Black kitchen sink is a one of a kind, hand-crafted piece that will artistically enhance any solid surface, stone, or other premium countertop surface, according to Domain.

Domain Industries’ Zero Edge handcrafted stainless steel sinks achieve a new benchmark in style and design through exacting craftsmanship. According to Domain, each Zero Edge sink is handcrafted to perfection with extra deep bowls, rear drain placement and sound insulation. Zero Edge sinks feature industrial strength 15-gauge construction, a satin-polished finish and a full limited-lifetime warranty.

Designed with improved ergonomics and functionality in mind, the new Carrizo cast iron kitchen sink from Kohler features an innovative “tiered” design that combines the best that deep, roomy single-basin sinks have to offer with a separate work area and basin. The right side of the sink features a deep, 9-inch basin with generous space for washing large pots and pans. The left side of the sink features a shallow basin that is only 4 ½ inches deep so that the basin is elevated. The higher basin allows kitchenware to be positioned at a height that is easier for scrubbing and eliminates uncomfortable bending over the sink, Kohler reports.

Constructed of Kohler Cast Iron, the popular self-rimming Kohler Park Falls, Glen Falls and River Falls utility sinks are now offered as undercounter installation options. In addition, each utility sink will be available in 24 Kohler Cast Iron colors. These three utility sinks vary in size to fit compact spaces or areas that require large basins for more workspace. The Kohler River Falls model has a size of 25 x 22 inches with a 14 ¼-inch basin.

Combining cast iron with an ultra-thick layer of enamel, the company reports that Kohler Cast Iron sinks resist staining, scratching and chipping and provide exceptional durability. Kohler offers a wide selection of kitchen and utility sinks in deep, rich colors and graceful design lines that coordinate beautifully with a wide variety of countertops. All Kohler Cast Iron sinks installed in North America carry a lifetime limited warranty for as long as the original consumer owns his or her home. Additionally, Kohler Cast Iron is crafted from 93% recycled and reclaimed material.

The new Fête cast iron prep sink from Kohler uses a soft, organic shape with two distinct basin areas to deliver highly functional design for food prep and serving.

The higher, oval-shaped basin is large and shallow and serves as a wet work surface or presentation area for clean, ready-to-eat food. The lower basin of the Fête sink contains the sink drain and is smaller than the upper basin, yet it is large and deep enough to handle various food preparation tasks. An optional hardwood cutting board - shaped much like an artist’s painting palette - can be positioned at various points along the sink or held easily with one hand to assist with food preparation and presentation.

Suited for smaller kitchens that can only accommodate one sink, the McAllister double-basin model from Kohler allows customers to keep food prep separate from dishes and can be simultaneously accessed by two users. The offset design of the McAllister double-basin sink enhances both the functionality and the aesthetic of the kitchen. Maximizing sink capacity with both large and medium basins, the McAllister double-basin sink is perfect for both small and large pots and pans. The sink also offers a choice of configuration options that allow the larger basin to be positioned on the left or right to suit the individual preference of each homeowner.

The model V80W is a new edition to MR Direct’s vanity sink line. This, as with all MR Direct porcelain sinks, is made from true vitreous China with a high-gloss glaze. A vessel sink, the V80W adds an appealingly contemporary look to any lavatory, the company reports.

MR Direct’s model 3322D undermount 90-degree sink is an equal double-bowl sink made of 16-gauge Type 304 stainless steel. The 90-degree corners, straight walls and flat bottom provide high style and finish, according to MR Direct. The 3322D is 32 x 19 inches and is 10 inches deep with offset drains. It features an attractive brushed finish and heavy sound dampener pads as well as a fully insulated undercoat. As with all MR Direct sinks the 3322D is cUPC certified.

MR Direct reports that the Model 3118 is quickly becoming one of the company’s best-selling undermount single bowl sinks. At 31 ½ x 18 ½ inches and 10 inches deep, this sink was designed to provide the space of most double-bowl sinks with the style of a single-bowl model. The 3118 is made from 17 gauge, Type 304 stainless steel with a stylish brushed finish. The 3118 also has heavy sound dampener plates and is fully insulated.

MR Direct reports that its Model 502 has remained the company’s most popular equal-bowl undermount sink. The top plate is 16 gauge steel, and the bowls are 18 gauge. The Model 502 is 32 ¼ x 18 inches and is 8 ½ inches deep, and it has offset drains. All MR Direct sinks come with a template and undermount hardware to install the sink. Additionally, all MR Direct sinks are cUPC certified.

This year, Nantucket Sinks introduced a new model of the Square Corner Sink. Although the square corner has generally meant 90-degree angles, the company found that some customers would like the inside corners of the sinks rounded for easier cleaning. Nantucket, therefore took its most popular sink, the D-Shape NS03 model, and applied the square corner technology to it. It has creases that direct the water to the drain. The sidewalls are at 90-degree angles, allowing a significant gain in the sink’s overall volume. This sink is made from 16 gauge Type 304 Stainless Steel.

The NS01 sink from Nantucket Sinks measures 37 5/8 inches, suited for larger kitchens. The double-bowl design incorporates a large D Bowl with a side bowl that is 16 ½ x 13 inches, making it a versatile sink.

Nantucket Sinks’ Decorative Bar and Bath sinks help differentiate powder rooms and entertaining areas. These hammered sinks are available in nickel, copper and brass, and they can add flair to any room (also available in 24K gold plate by special order).

Vitreous China sinks by Nantucket Sinks are offered in 15- x 12-, 17- x 14- and 18- x 12-inch sizes and are available in white or biscuit colors. According to the company, the 18- x 12-inch sink allows the consumer to have more useable sink space in tighter areas if needed. Additionally, the manufacturer reports that fabricators prefer the extra clearance it offers for faucets on normal-sized tops.

Revere’s double-bowl, undermount Model RCFU3120 sink features the increasingly popular 10-inch depth in one bowl, and the consumers’ choice of 8-inch depth in the other. The deeper bowl can be positioned on the right or left based on customer preference, with most homeowners choosing the deeper bowl on the left. Both bowls offer a standard 3 ½-inch center drain opening. Manufactured with premium 18-gauge, nickel-bearing stainless steel, this stain-resistant sink offers sound and condensation protection, as the company reports it applies special rubberized sound-deadening pads to its undermount sinks and then covers them with a full undercoating spray. All Revere sinks are equipped with mounting hardware for easy installation, and they are in stock and readily available to ensure on-time delivery.

Revere reports that its top-selling Model RCFU3118 is a double-bowl undermount sink featuring bowls that measure the same size and depth, nominally 14 inches wide by nearly 16 inches long and 8 inches deep. The standard 3 ½-inch drain openings are positioned in the center of each bowl. Manufactured with 18-gauge, nickel-bearing stainless steel for long-lasting durability, the RCFU3118 is resistant to stains and features a deep satin finish. Rubberized sound deadening pads are combined with a full undercoating to absorb sound, prevent condensation and maintain water temperature.

Revere’s popular RCFU3119 is a D-shaped double-bowl undermount sink with a 3 ½-inch rear center drain opening in each bowl. The two bowls are 8 inches deep, with one measuring wider and longer than the other. The larger D-shaped bowl can be specified for the left or right side, depending on the consumer’s preference. It features premium 18 gauge, nickel-bearing stainless steel with a satin finish to complement all countertop materials as well as stainless steel appliances. It also features rubberized sound deadening pads and is fully undercoated for superior sound dampening and condensation protection.

One of Revere’s top-selling single-bowl models is the RCFU1618, which is suited as a food prep or bar sink. Featuring the consumers’ choice of an 8-inch depth, this stainless steel undermount sink is 14 inches wide by nearly 16 inches long and offers a 3 ½-inch drain opening in the center of the bowl. Manufactured with premium 18 gauge, nickel-bearing stainless steel for outstanding durability, this stain-resistant sink boasts a satin-smooth finish. In addition, a special rubberized sound deadening pad and a full undercoating absorb sound, prevent condensation and maintain water temperature.

The hand-crafted Model AF-810x506B sink from Sinko is an 18 gauge double-bowl stainless steel kitchen sink measuring 32 x 20 inches with an 8-inch depth. It features a satin brushed steel finish, full ceramic undercoating, full-sized rubber sound pads, and the clips and template are included.

Sinko’s Model AF-808bapr farmer sink is made from 16 gauge stainless steel and measures 30 x 18 inches with a 10-inch depth.

The handcrafted Model 806 sink from Sinko is an 18 gauge, double-bowl 60/40 stainless steel kitchen sink. It measures 31 ½ x 20 inches with an 8-inch depth.

SociStone Black Composite sinks from Soci offer innovation, beauty and modern designs. SociStone sinks are made of 80% natural granite and 20% acrylic resin, which give the sinks high stain resistance, heat resistance to 530 degrees F and extreme scratch resistance. SociStone sinks are available in either undermount or drop-in styles.

Soci copper sinks are made of 100% Mexican copper, hand-crafted by Mexican coppersmiths using century-old techniques. The company reports that customers can choose a stock design, or the company can help create a custom embossed design that will give a customer’s home its own unique look.

Soci stainless steel sinks come in more than 30 different styles to complement any decor. The sinks are made of Type 304 stainless steel with the bottom of each sink possessing Soci’s special sound-deadening design, which consists of a thick spray-on coating along with super sound deadening pads on the bottom and sides.

All United Sinks by United Supply Inc. come with templates, strainer, clips and screws. These sinks have both undercoating and sound-deadening pads to minimize sound, provide a barrier to condensation and improve heat retention. Rear-positioned drains - closer to the back - means more storage space under the counter and more work space in the sink bowl. All sinks have a silver finish and feature Type 304, 18 gauge stainless steel. United Supply offers a limited lifetime warranty and 11 popular designs. The United Sinks brand is distributed in the U.S. on exclusive basis by United Supply Inc.

United Supply Inc.’s luxury line of stainless steel Franke sinks offer an optimal shine and finish. The sinks are made from heavy-gauge Type 304 stainless steel with the industry’s highest percentages of chromium (18%) and Nickel (10%) for a deep rich glow and corrosion resistance, reports the manufacturer. Additionally, Franke offers Fireclay - the old-world craftsmanship of Villeroy and Boch that produces ceramic sinks that are extremely hard and virtually scratch resistant, the company reports. Fired at 2,200 degrees, the material is impervious to household chemicals, the company reports, adding that the Ceramicplus finish also repels dirt.

The Kindred Collection by United Supply Inc. is available in several styles and the company reports that it utilizes superior materials that are crafted into classic designs. The collection includes a range of styles, and a radiant silk finish with full undercoating keeps water warm and the kitchen quiet. Optional fitted accessories - such as stainless grids, colander and a wood cutting board - provide an upscale touch plus convenience. Additionally, the Kindred line includes granite sinks. The sinks are composed of quartz crystals bonded with acrylic resin to create a rock-hard material, and they are virtually impervious to scratching, staining and scorching, the company reports.