Stone World will be offering a brand new educational series - the “Fabrication Management Clinics” - in nine different cities during the course of 2008. These sessions will be geared towards fabrication shop managers, supervisors and owners, with in-depth sessions on topics for operations of all sizes.

The need for industry education in the stone industry has been well documented, and to help fill that need, Stone World has been presenting its Stone Fabrication Workshops since 2005 -- hitting a total of 24 cities in all. These day-long sessions were extremely well received by fabricators of all sizes and experience levels, and based on the success of these original Workshops, Stone World will be offering a completely new educational series beginning in 2008. The “Fabrication Management Clinics” will be geared towards fabrication shop managers, supervisors and owners, with in-depth sessions on topics for operations of all sizes.

Topics for the 2008 Fabrication Management Clinic will include:

• Should You Become a High-Volume Shop?

• Growing Your Shop Beyond Countertops

• Strategy and Techniques for Increased Stone Sales

• Pricing Your Stone Projects Competitively

• Countertop Installation Issues

• Slab Handling & Shop Safety

• Employee Hiring, Training & Retention

• Expanding Your Fabrication Shop

• Stone Showroom Design/Expansion

• Top Polishing

Speakers at the event will be Mark Lauzon and Kevin Padden, veteran stone fabricators who have experience in all aspects of the trade. Both Lauzon and Padden have spoken at major industry trade shows such as StonExpo and Coverings, and their presentations have been met with rave reviews.

During previous Stone World fabrication education programs, Lauzon and Padden have been praised for the interactive nature of their presentations, as well as their extensive use of visuals, showing “real life” examples of stone fabrication shops and techniques to offer participants an illustration of the points being raised during the various sessions. Fabricators of all experience levels - from relative newcomers to shop owners with 20 years of experience - have praised the speakers for their insight and practical knowledge.

Time is also dedicated for a question-and-answer session where attendees can raise additional points for the speakers as well as their fellow fabricators.

A registration fee of $65 includes the full one-day workshop, all workshop meals (continental breakfast, lunch and beverages), an informational CD-ROM and other materials from Fabrication Management Clinic sponsors.

Following each workshop, a Networking Reception allows the attendees to interact with the speakers as well as with other fabricators. Moreover, the Clinic sponsors on hand are available to discuss industry issues and needs with those in attendance.

The 2008 Stone World Fabrication Management Clinics are scheduled as follows:


• St. Louis, MO - March 31

• Chicago, IL - April 1

• Minneapolis, MN - April 3


• Houston, TX - June 9

• Dallas, TX - June 10

• Denver, CO - June 12


• Ft. Lauderdale, FL - September 15

• Orlando, FL - September 16

• Atlanta, GA - September 18

For more information on the Stone World Fabrication Management Clinics, visit, or call 1-888-530-6714.