OMAHA, NE - Universal Granite & Marble (UGM), one of the largest importers and wholesalers of natural stone in the U.S., has announced the grand opening of a new 18,000-square-foot facility in Omaha, NE, as UGM continues to expand and gain market share with its efficient business model, superior customer service and a large in-stock selection of high-quality marble and granite slabs.

After a year of major planning and developing the facility in Nebraska, UGM has opened the doors to its newest location, which houses more than 40 product colors, and by years end will be stocked with over 1,200 marble and granite slabs. Eighteen of the most popular colors fill 6,500 square feet of the facility and are stocked in order of popularity, based on market demand. Though UGM Omaha is geared towards meeting the needs and demands of fabricators and stone dealers in the Greater Omaha region, the public, designers, architects and builders are welcome to visit the location with a referral from a UGM customer or industry partner.

“The adventure of opening up a new place motivates me the most,” said Homero Luna, vice president of UGM. “I have played a role in the opening of other facilities and find it special to watch the location grow from the beginning. I always refer to my business model when speaking with my team members and tell them, ‘We are all sales people because we are speaking and working with our clients, if we don’t give them the time and service they have grown to expect from us at UGM they will find another supplier.’”