The TECHNOCLASSIC® system from Levantina is the result of ongoing research aimed at providing unparalleled quality and specifications, according to the company. A new and revolutionary concept in natural stone, offering lightness, beauty and ease of handling while ensuring greater durability and hygiene than ever before in floor and wall covering products, reports Levantina. The system combines the aesthetic features of natural stone with state-of-the-art porcelain manufacturing technology. The tiles are only 1 cm thick, with 7 mm of natural stone and 3 mm of porcelain reinforcement. These components are fused together using tough, unalterable resin and a fiberglass mesh that maximizes physical and mechanical properties. Floors & Walls currently offers the TECHNOCLASSIC® system in its marble selection. The system has a total quality guarantee, since at Levantina, the entire production cycle is subject to the company’s rigorous controls. Once the marble has been fused with the porcelain laminate, TECHNOCLASSIC® products undergo an intensive anti-stain treatment until zero absorption is achieved for both water- and oil-based liquids. The result is a premium, technologically advance laminated marble product, according to the company.