Michigan-based The Stone Shop International has introduced what it believes to be the first-ever stone industry fabrication franchise business program. The company is owned and operated by Art Attaway. The Stone Shop will provide appropriate equipment packages, fabricator training, sales and marketing, sales training, budgets, forecasts and material supply chains; all streamlined for easy entry into this market segment.

All training programs will be conducted using Marble Institute of America (MIA) approved materials, technical procedures and resource material, with full MIA approval. All MIA training programs have been approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Planning to have the largest industry-related buying group in the U.S., estimated to become 200 franchisees strong, the company will provide extreme purchasing power. This network purchasing will allow its franchisees the competitive edge in their local markets, while also providing national name recognition, advertising and marketing.

The Stone Shop will offer all ranges of equipment packages, industry-leading and ongoing research, innovative programs and technology enhanced materials. Granite and marble slabs, engineered stone slabs, thin stone, pre-manufactured vanities and countertops in both natural stone and engineered stone, specialty items like fireplace and shower panel kits, as well as traditional slab material in stone and engineered stone, will all be available through The Stone Shop at the most competitive prices available in North America. Franchisees will receive the benefit of pre-negotiated discounts on equipment, supplies and materials, and will save tens of thousands of dollars in equivalent time and cash in their business start-up, have advanced sales and marketing programs, and the avail of national accounts, according to The Stone Shop. Franchise models include fabrication, restoration and installation businesses.

Web site access is available at www.thestoneshopinternational.com. The first 12 franchisees will receive free territories as part of a start-up promotion to build this network.