The Natural Stone Council (NSC), a collaborative organization representing business and trade associations that promote stone under the Genuine Stone™ brand, announced the success of its 2007 fundraising campaign, with over 35 companies contributing.

The NSC’s Fundraising Committee, led by Brenda Edwards, has collected 90% of their goal amount to date, with three months left to secure the last 10%. The money raised has enabled the NSC to make significant progress in their branding campaign for Genuine Stone as well as supporting the Sustainability Committee on benchmarking studies and industry awareness initiatives. These efforts would be non-existent without the financial support of donors.

In 2007, the majority of the following companies made three-year pledges to the NSC: Bella Pietra, Building Stone Institute, Champlain Stone, Ltd., Cold Spring Granite Co., Colorado Flagstone, Inc., Connecticut Stone, Continental Cut Stone, Cumberland Mountain Stone, Dakota Granite Co., Delaware Quarries, Elberton Granite Association, Gallegos Corp., Granite & Marble Interiors, Granite Expo, Indiana Limestone Co., Indiana Limestone Institute, Luck Stone Corp., Michaels Corp., National Building Granite Quarriers Association, Natural Stone Alliance, North Carolina Granite Corp., Northwest Granite Manufacturers Association, Park Industries, RLF Salado Quarries, Stone AV USA, Stonecraft, Inc., Strid Marble & Granite Co., Sturgis Materials, Inc., Tennessee Marble Co., TexaStone Quarries, Turner Bros., U.S. Stone Industries and Walker Zanger.

“We have been extremely pleased with the results of our fundraising campaign,” said Edwards. “At this point, we are very close to our goal for 2007, and the money we have secured has allowed us to move in directions to promote natural stone and its benefits in ways we never would have been able to without the generosity of our industry.”

The funds raised are distributed in the following way:

• 25% to sustainability programs

• 50% to branding efforts

• 20% to industry promotion initiatives

• 5% to administrative costs

The three-year campaign was put in place to bridge the gap until a more permanent fundraising vehicle, such as a check-off program, can be implemented.

The committee will continue its efforts at StonExpo in Las Vegas, NV, which will take place from October 17 to 20, with the aim of collecting $70,000 more in order to reach the 2007 goal. Contributions may be mailed to the Natural Stone Council, PO Box 539, Hollis, NH 03049, or may be paid via credit card by e-mailing

The NSC Fundraising Committee consists of Chairwoman Brenda Edwards (TexaStone Quarries), Alex Bacharach (Stone World Magazine), John Mattke (Cold Spring Granite Co.), Craig Kurvers (Park Industries) Chuck Monson (Dakota Granite) and Rick Johnson (Indiana Limestone Co.).

For more information on the NSC and its fundraising efforts, visit