GoldenLook International, Inc.has announced an exclusive distribution agreement to include a newly patented engineered binder system called Vortex® in its GoldenLook Technology system offerings. The formulation's technology allows the state-of-the-art binding process to be installed using GL Epoxy Stone (and other decorative flooring materials) without concrete (over bare ground) and over wood decks and flooring. The Vortex engineered system provides a long awaited installation answer for new flooring construction where there is no concrete - interior or exterior.

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The system provides superior durability due to an engineered formulation that utilizes a reinforced resin matrix that allows for superior strength in the longitudinal and transverse (perpendicular) direction. The result is a system that can expand and contract with whatever base material it's laid upon; including bare ground and wood deck bases.

When mixed with a selection of over 60 varieties of designer GL Epoxy Stone, the result is a superior reinforcing blend that provides a protective flooring solution that is salt, freeze and thaw resistant. Voids formed between the stone also allow water to drain out and soak into the ground; thus eliminating any puddling for ice to form.

Additionally, the Vortex formulation resists skids, grease and oils, and even corrects uneven floors, reports the company.
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Dry Treat's Acid-Prooffor polished surfaces, an acid-resistant sealer that will not substantially change the appearance of polished stone surfaces, is expected to be available for purchase by December.

Calcium-based stone, such as limestone, marble and travertine, is usually avoided for kitchen bench tops, tabletops and floors in entertaining areas, as it is immediately damaged on contact by everyday acidic substances such as wine and lemon juice. Dry-Treat's new Acid-Proof sealers buy you time to clean up acidic substances before unsightly etching occurs, reports the company. These sealers also protect the treated surface against staining by other everyday household oil/water-based substances.

Following Dry Treat's recent release of Acid-Proof (for honed surfaces), the new Acid-Proof for polished surfaces is designed to retain the glossy finish of highly polished marble, limestone or travertine. The product is in its final development and testing phase, and is expected to be for sale by December.
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Blanco Americahas recently introduced its SteelArt line of kitchen sinks, which is dedicated to celebrating the aesthetic brilliance and enduring quality of stainless steel, according to its manufacturer. The company designed the line to reflect individuals' own personal styles and enhance the value of the entire kitchen environment. SteelArt comprises 22 distinct sinks that collectively establish a visionary new benchmark in design and highly individualized expression, reports Blanco America. Architecturally inspired and passionately engineered, SteelArt sinks are superbly handcrafted, featuring uncompromising attention-to-detail, integrated custom accessories and extraordinary fit and finish with a near seamless appearance, according to the company.
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