In order to create a French Chateau theme for a 9,000-square-foot residence in Bethesda, MD, Mangan Group Architects utilized Dove Gray Building Stone from Luck Stone Corp. of Richmond, VA, and slate paving was also added to an outdoor patio area.

To establish a large-scale French Chateau theme for a 9,000-square-foot residence in Bethesda, MD, the local firm of Mangan Group Architects selected fieldstone for the exterior. And to complement the design of the home, slate paving was installed throughout an outdoor patio area. Luck Stone Corp. of Richmond, VA, supplied both materials for the project.

The local builder, Anson Smith Development, LLC, was interested in establishing a “gorgeous historic French Tudor Chateau house of the grandest proportion,” according to Hank Nicodemus of Mangan Group Architects, which served as the project architect for the design. To meet this desired aesthetic, the architects utilized over 200 tons of various-sized irregular-shaped pieces of fieldstone.

Nicodemus said that the architects considered several material options, but ultimately selected Luck Stone Corp.’s Dove Gray Building Stone. “The stone was selected for its appearance, for its style and for its historic look,” said Nicodemus, adding that other stones were considered, but that the Dove Gray was the best fit.

According To Luck Stone Corp., Dove Gray Building Stone offers a consistent gray color, with traces of darker gray and brown.

Fieldstone pieces used for the residence ranged from 1 foot to 1 ½ feet long and 5 to 7 inches deep, according to the architect.

The material was used for elements such as sloped roofs, jutting chimneys, retaining walls and columns to support a second-story deck. Furthermore, the stone was utilized for a three-car parking garage, which is attached to the house.

The greatest challenge, according to Nicodemus, was where the garage meets the house. “The condition was such that 90-degree lintels had to be installed to support the load from above,” he explained.

Furthermore, the patio is comprised of various-sized square- and rectangular-shaped pieces of slate - also supplied by Luck Stone Corp. - with a Portland cement mortar, according to the architect.

Due to the large scale of the residence, construction lasted approximately two years - from November 2004 to May 2006. “People have driven by the house and said that it was the most beautiful house they have ever seen in their lives,” said Nicodemus.