DEERFIELD BEACH, FL - Mapei sponsored marathon runner Rita Jeptoo of Kenya won the Women's Division of the 110th Boston Marathon with a time of 2:28:38. Wearing the trademark Mapei “cubes” and logo on her running outfit, Jeptoo came in 24th overall in a field of more than 22,000 men and women who entered the famed marathon. Every victory is the result of conscientious planning and hard work, which is how Mapei approaches both sports and business. The company sponsored the Mapei Professional Cycling Team, which dominated the international cycling scene in the decade from 1993 to 2002. In 2006, Mapei is sponsoring the Italian National Soccer Team. Mapei's commitment to sports is also reflected in its sponsorship of marathon running, mountain biking, car racing, skiing, equestrian events and other activities.

The Mapei Sport Service, located in Varese, Italy, opened in 1996 to support the athletes of the Professional Cycling Team with scientific rationality and a precise ethical approach. Today, the Mapei Sport Service has evolved into a center that is not just for champions, but for all sportsmen and women. The staff concentrates on optimizing performance factors for athletes, researching the problems encountered by active men and women, and disseminating scientifically validated concepts regarding sporting and fitness activities. Athletes can contact the Mapei Sport Service