Now available from International Stoneworks, Inc. of Houston, TX, is Fivextra D, a non-wax, user-friendly cream for polishing marble, travertine, onyx and terrazzo. Fivextra D cream eliminates grout haze on newly installed marble surfaces. It polishes, hardens and enhances the color of marble. Fivextra D cream is the easiest polishing product to maintain shine on marble surfaces, and it removes surface etch marks on marble, according to International Stoneworks. With the Fivextra D cream, there is no longer a need for acid crystallizers, steelwool pads, specialized natural fiber pads, specialized weighted marble machine or wet vacuum cleaners, reports the company. Using this cream, applications such as floors, walls, stairs, risers, vanities, countertops and baseboards can easily be polished. To apply Fivextra D cream, all that is needed is a standard low-speed buffer and two white buffing pads.

Circle No. 311