ELBERTON, GA - Jerry King, owner of King's Monument Co., Inc., was recently elected president of the Elberton Granite Association, Inc. for the 2003-2004 year. Other new officers named by the organization's Board of Trustees include Calvin Hill of Hill Crest Granite Co., Inc., vice president, and Carolyn Miller of Lexington Blue Granite Co., Inc., treasure. The action followed the E. G. A annual meeting in June where three new trustees were elected by the membership to serve three-year terms.

King has spent most of his adult life in the granite industry. He and his wife, Trudy, and son, Marty, operate Kings's Monumental Co., which has steadily grown since the King couple founded it in 1984. King began working in the granite industry after he was discharged from the U. S. Army after service in Vietnam. He served in various management positions with some of Elberton's largest quarrying and monumental firms before founding his company.

King, who succeeds Bob Paul of Eagle Granite Co., Inc. as E. G. A. president, is a member of the Elberton Country Club, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Bethlehem United Methodist Church. He has been actively involved in E. G. A. programs in the past and has served in several key association committees.

The three new trustees elected at the annual membership meeting on June 18 are Tony Adams of Gold Eagle Quarries, Inc., Michael Baston of Baston Monuments, Inc. and Rose Walker of Walker Granite Co., Inc.

They join carry-over board members Jerry King, Calvin Hill, Carolyn Miller, Gregory Ruff of River Edge Granite Co., Inc., Bill Simmons of Sweet City Quarries, Inc. and Stan Mills of L & M Granite Co., LLC.

Thomas A. Robinson, CM, was re-elected as E. G. A. executive vice president. Robinson is responsible for daily operations at the association, implementing policies and programs, and representing E. G. A. at local, state and national levels. Robinson joined the E. G. A. staff in 1980.