The BBV/15-60 M and BBV/15-60 G are beveling machines for marble and granite made by Bombieri & Venturi of Italy. The BBV/15-60 M beveling machine for marble automatically carries out all calibrating and beveling operations on the four sides of the tiles being processed. The machine consists of two identical sections, linked by a powered roller table. An automatic angular rotation unit and a unit that cuts grooves in the lower face of the tiles, by means of diamond discs are assembled on this roller table.

Calibration is accomplished by means of two spindles on each section; two opposing spindles set at 45 degrees on each section perform beveling. The machine frame consists of beds and supports made from electric-welded, ground standard steel. Each section slides on large-diameter, thick chromium-plated rods and can be adjusted by means of stainless steel screws, so as to match tile size. All guards are made of stainless steel and are fitted with corrosion-proof, heat-sealed fabric bellows.

The BBV/15-60 G beveling machine for granite performs the same operations as those described by the marble version, with the only difference being that beveling is accomplished by means of four opposing spindles set at 45 degrees, on each section. The constructional features of the machine reflect those of the marble version. All the guards fitted on the moving parts are made of stainless steel and corrosion-proof, heat-sealed fabric.

Bombieri & Venturi is represented in North America by The Cutting Edge of Diamond Blades in Las Vegas, NV.
Circle No. 290