Because natural stone and ceramic tile are not waterproof, Laticrete International, Inc. has introduced Watertight Floor 'N Wall Waterproofing, a waterproofing material. The product is a thin, liquid-applied rubber that cures to form a seamless, waterproof membrane, according to the company.

It is applied with a paintbrush or roller to areas such as showers, bathroom floors and kitchens. Two coats of the waterproofing liquid should be applied to the substrate - including cement board, gypsum wallboard, exterior grade plywood, concrete or masonry. A reinforcing fabric is used for flashing coves, corners and board seams.

Laticrete Watertight Floor 'N Wall Waterproofing is not recommended by the company for continuous underwater applications such as pools and fountains, and is not for commercial-traffic areas. The product also contains Microban anti-microbial product protection, providing continuous antibacterial protection from the growth of bacteria by up to 99%.

Circle No. 292