The ‘V’ Grooving process is engineered to save stone fabricators two-thirds of traditional labor costs. Auto ‘V’ Grooving of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has always been a leader and innovator, and the machines produced by the company have been used in the wood industry for over 35 years with considerable savings. In recent years, it has created a revolution in the solid surface industry with the introduction of their machine. Auto ‘V’ Grooving is now pleased to present their patent-pending dry process Stone ‘V’ Groover. Now natural and engineered stone fabricators can reap the same savings and benefits as the wood and solid surface industries, the company reports.

Auto V Grooving stone ‘V’ groovers use a dry process, which eliminates the mess of a wet process and saves valuable drying time. The product is removed from the ‘V’ groover; no sludge or dirt clean-up is required, and the workpiece is dry, immediately ready for glue-up. The need for the traditional number of multiple clamps is eliminated. By creating a ‘V’ cut, a fabricator can make any sized front edge, thus allowing the fabricator to achieve huge material savings by using thinner stone sheets, yet still maintaining the “thick material look” that the customers want. Because ‘V’ Grooving eliminates the need for creating strips to be applied onto an edge, the material pattern and design continues as it folds over the edge. This creates a strong, beautiful and matching product that customers demand, according to Auto ‘V’ Grooving.

Fabricators use ‘V’ grooving not just for countertops and vanities, but also for producing shower enclosures, store fixtures, furniture components, planters, post wraps and many other commercial and residential products.

The ST-SS-2-FT Lineal ‘V’ Groover not only ‘V’ grooves natural and engineered stone but also solid surface materials. This gives the fabricator the capability of processing multiple materials to meet their customers surfacing needs -- all in one machine. This open-sided, lineal ‘V’ groover, can easily process any width and length of material, with full precision. The machine cuts stone at speeds of approximately 8 linear feet per minute for 12-mm sheets or less and 3 lineal feet per minute for 2-cm sheets. The ST-SS-2-FT comes complete with specially designed diamond cutters, a new “dry” cooling system and a high-volume, extra-fine vacuum system with “hepa” filter that makes for a dustless cutting environment. The company’s floating table ensures an accurate end cut and enables the fabricator significant ease in material handling. According to the company, fabricators who use the machine for three countertops per week will see a one-year payback.