Autumn Mist slate was employed in 12- x 12-inch tiles for the floor, shower and Jacuzzi surround in this residence located in Hollywood Hills, CA.

A vanity top made of Golden Sunset granite complements the Autumn Mist slate floor tiles.
While Christopher Grubb of Arch-Interiors Design Group, Inc. in Beverly Hills, CA., believes that color plays a role in stone selection, he also finds that more neutral materials are still prevalent for bathrooms. This was the case for a master bath in a Hollywood Hills, CA, residence, where slate and granite were utilized to mirror the earth-tone shades of the California environment.

Grubb explained that the 3,000-square-foot residence is situated close to a state park, and the client wanted a design that would reflect this surrounding environment. They also desired an abundance of natural light and a space that would feel open, according to the designer. "The clients were very much into California earth tones," he said.

In providing this "earthy" look, Arch-Interiors chose Autumn Mist slate for the bathroom flooring, shower and Jacuzzi surround. "The clients wanted to reflect other finishes in the house," said Grubb. "It was important that this room related to the whole house. For them, this material was just right, and they found the variation in the stone fascinating."

The stone was employed in 12-x-12-inch slate tiles, which were arranged in a 45-degree running bond pattern on the floor. For the vanity top, makeup counter and bench in the shower, Grubb selected Golden Sunset granite to provide a complementary element to the slate. "The color palette and blend of materials came together very quickly," said Grubb.

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Private residence

Hollywood Hills, CA

Designer: Arch-Interiors Design Group, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA

Stone Suppliers: Southland Stone, North Hollywood, CA (slate); Stone Resources (granite)