Hands-on instruction takes place on site at Regent Stone Products. A rotating overhead crane with vacuum lifter transports materials around the "Circle of Success," which includes a bridge saw, edge profiling machine and waterjet, among other equipment.

Regent Stone Products/Marmoelettromeccanica USA of Virginia Beach, VA, is offering seminars and hand-on instruction in various aspects of stoneworking, including "Custom Granite Kitchen Countertop" fabrication.

During the first day of this series, participants are instructed on industrial diamond tools; mineralogy of stone; shop safety; material handling; cut-to-size work and countertop fabrication, which includes hands-on work with the Master 3500 portable edging machine and the Nevada 3600 bridge saw as well as material handling equipment, laminating, rodding, and netting.

The second day covers consumable shop items, tabletop fabrication, vanity top undermounting and kitchen sink cut-outs; chair-rail modling; biscuit joining; seaming; profiling and polishing a laminated strip. Hands-on training during the second day focuses on job-piece material handling, including kitchen countertops and small-piece material handling using clamps and carts.

Other covered topics include how to install kitchen countertops; where to buy slabs or modular-cut pieces; modular kitchen fabrication marketing; shop logistics; and shop set-up.