DENVER, CO - After two years of development by engineers, programmers and marketing personal, Denver, CO-based Stone Matrix offers a marketing tool that allows buyers and sellers to find who has what product, at what price and availability, negotiate a sale, and execute the delivery and invoicing - all on one platform. It's not an Internet link, or an attachment, but a virtual community for trade, reports the company.

“Businesses that last, do so by improving margins, by improving productivity,” said Puneet Talwar, the founder of Stone Matrix. “In the next five years, more than five million back-office jobs are expected to move to India. That means businesses must excel at their core competencies and use technology to handle their non-core functions. Cost efficient and effective marketing becomes increasingly dependent on the medium of access to customers.”

The first application of the Stone Matrix platform is designed for the

stone industry, a marketplace of 9,000 companies globally. Distributors, retailers, exporters, fabricators, installers, designers and architects specializing in stone and tile products and services can all trade at one location,, according to Stone Matrix.

Stone Matrix does not keep proprietary data on companies, but is the portal through which interested buyers and sellers can find a short list of qualified companies, and importantly, conduct business in minutes with an archived document trail of transactions.

Using Enterprise E-Mail, a proprietary Stone Matrix communication system, buyers and sellers personalize templates to ask about price, request a product sample, confirm receipt of the requests, confirm shipping information, place a purchase order or hold request, then easily convert the request to an invoice. All transactions may be archived with a secure access available only to the company who originated or responded to the transaction. And, the research effort can be repeated to many prospects simultaneously but with personalized and private communication, according to the company. Stone exporters from Europe have a large appetite for global communications and have been among the first to sign up for the Stone Matrix technology. On an average day, these Stone Matrix clients may initiate or respond to 35 to 40 messages with pricing, inventory and availability along with color pictures that show products, factories, warehouses and showrooms. No other Internet platform currently exists to do this as quickly and effectively, according to Stone Matrix.

Toll-free customer service is available during regular business hours. Monthly charges to trade on the Stone Matrix platform begin at $50. Additionally, the company has a team currently deploying a product of high-end customized solutions. These services include Internet enabled, automated customer service systems (much like an airplane reservation system), information management systems within the client company, and customer relationship software that links all the information about a customer and provides it via PDA to a sales person on the road. Systems may include simple sales planning to execution models to sales reports and quarterly and annual reports and analysis of sales plans. The system will link suppliers on the same platform to quickly solve supply chain problems, according to the company.

A quick demo on this innovative convergence technology is available at “Take a Tour” on the company's Web site.