ELBERTON, GA --The Elberton Granite Association, Inc., Board of Trustees, has re-elected John D. McLanahan Jr. for a second successive term as president of the nation¿s largest organization of granite quarries, manufacturers and industry support firms. Other 2001-2002 officers include Vice President Marty Walker of Walker Granite Inc., and Treasurer Bob Paul of Eagle Granite Co., Inc.

The E.G.A. Board of Trustees elected the officers on July 16, 2001. The three trustees named to the Board of Directors include Jerry King of King¿s Monument Co., Inc., Gregory Ruff of River Edge Granite Co., and Bill Simmons of Sweet City Quarries, Inc. They join McLanahan, Walker, Paul and other carry-over trustees, including Jim Welch of Welch¿s Granite Co., Inc., Tom Oglesby of Keystone Memorials, Inc., and Mark Hill of Hillcrest Granite Co., Inc.