Polycor, Inc., the Quebec-based stone quarrying and fabricating firm and one of the largest sources for natural stone material in all of North America, has acquired the Colorado Yule Marble quarry operation. For years, Colorado Yule Marble has been celebrated as one of the purest marbles ever quarried and compared as a rival to the Italian and Greek marbles of ancient fame. The architect of the Lincoln Memorial selected Yule Marble for the monument's exterior for its “superior” qualities. Other well-known projects where Colorado Yule has been utilized include the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery, the U.S. Customs House and many others.

In August of 2003, Polycor purchased the Georgia Marble Co., one of the oldest and longest running stone quarrying operations in the U.S. Now with both the Georgia Marble/Dimension Stone and Colorado Yule Marble operations under the Polycor umbrella, two of the most historic stone suppliers in the U.S. are part of the same organization.

According to Rex Loesby, president of Sierra Minerals Corporation, which handled all operations of the Colorado Yule Marble Quarry, “We are very pleased that the Yule Quarry will become part of the Polycor and Georgia Marble family. Our new parent company has financial strength, technical expertise and strong market presence assuring the success of the quarry. Our primary goal since becoming involved with Colorado Yule over 16 years ago was to ensure a continuous supply of this beautiful white marble for the foreseeable future. With this transaction, I believe our vision has been accomplished.”

Loesby will continue his involvement with Colorado Yule Marble, working as a consultant to Polycor. Additionally, he will continue his participation with the Tomb of the Unknowns project.

“With the help of our cut-to-size and slab plants in both Canada and Georgia, we can now offer the entire marketplace a wide array of totally American white marbles,” stated Georgia Marble President, Patrick Perus. “Colorado Yule marble matches the quality of the best statuary marble in the world. We will now be able to serve this part of the marketplace, as well.” For more information, contact Perus at Georgia Marble, 200 Georgia Marble Lane, Tate, GA 30177; Phone: 800-334-0122; E-mail: patrick.perus@polycor.com.