Not all of the stone producers within Sicily specialize in Sicilian stone. Although the local limestone of Ragusa gave birth to stoneworking, many firms now process stone from around the world. One of these companies is Eurograniti s.r.l., a producer and exporter of granite slabs that was founded in 1992. The company has developed a solid customer base and has continued to grow with state-of-the-art technology.

Eurograniti imports blocks from Brazil, India and Norway as well as from quarries in Sardinia and Carrara, Italy.

Blocks are processed on gangsaws from Gaspari Menotti, and they are polished on a Gaspari Menotti polishing line with 18 working heads. Additionally, the company has a large oven for mass production of resin-treated slabs. With the machinery in place, Eurograniti has an average monthly production of 27,000 square feet. The company actually has the capacity to double that total, but it operates based on customer demand. Additionally, the plant has over 15,000 square feet of space, which allows plenty of room for expansion.

With the high level of automation in the plant, this production total is reached with only four workers. The plant runs one shift, although the gangsaws run 24 hours per day.

A total of 70% of material is exported, mostly to North America. In fact, at the time of Stone World's visit, a container of slabs destined for Canada was being prepared for shipment. To keep its name prominent in the international marketplace, Eurograniti exhibits at trade shows such as Coverings in the U.S.