Lap Laser LLC has recently introduced a new line laser for bridge saws and CNC routers. The PD Series laser is available in output power from 3mW to 30mW, and can be ordered with line optics ranging from 20 to 70 degrees. This new laser reduces the size of the standard 110/220VAC laser from a 55- to 40-mm diameter, while maintaining the short length of its predecessor.

The new unit, which measures 220-mm long, boasts a wide range power supply that will operate on an AC supply that is between 85 and 264 VAC, 50/60HZ, reports Lap Laser. The heavy-duty powder coated aluminum housing is rated at IP54, and Lap Laser offers a wide range of accessory brackets and bushings to make mounting on new or existing brackets a snap. A 55- to 40-mm bushing allows a painless conversion to the newer technology from the older housing style. As an added bonus, the unit comes with either a U.S. 110VAC or Euro 220VAC as standard items.

Circle No. 297